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The Secret of Life

Babies sick truth web comics - 8438739712
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Finding Wisdom in a Baby

Babies mindwarp wisdom web comics - 8323267072
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The Sparknotes Edition

Babies best of week books the internets - 6344745472
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Right To Be Unproductive

yikes Babies wtf shakespeare sad but true web comics - 8573364992
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal )

Don't Get Fresh With Me

Babies vegetables parenting - 8603555328
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My Bioshock Experience

Babies bioshock funny - 7578281728
Created by Unknown

Circle Better Get Ready for Some Big Changes

web comics circle babies Circle Better Get Ready for Some Big Changes
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How I View Babies vs. Most People

Babies sick truth web comics - 8160617728

On Hating People

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He's Got a Genetic Condition

Babies family sleeping funny g rated parenting - 7821453824
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Babies Need Attention

Babies gifs funny parents - 7462626304
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Look At My Baby

Babies parenting web comics - 8129757440
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Dad's First Thoughts

Babies dads slavery web comics - 8175135488
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Babies lasers reaction guys the internets Xxzibit xzhibit - 3206735104
Created by bsheragy

Get Me a Fork, You Fool!

web comics babies electricity Get Me a Fork, You Fool!
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Where's Your Child?

Babies wheres waldo web comics - 8406003968
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