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Thanks, Captain Irony

TV colin mochrie whose line is it anyway - 6792731648

Old Man Dracula

aging web comics dracula - 8031898368
Via Naptoons

That's Life

life funny web comics - 7876223488
Via Jim Benton

No Words Necesary

mammaries problems Staring - 7316182016
Via Def Slippin

Late Bloomer

Harry Potter stahp neville longbottom funny - 7530042368
Created by Torelma

Everyone Knows Women on the Internet Are a Myth

internet memebase self referential the internets - 6100539392
Created by lpupppy288

Life Strings You Along

panda Balloons critters web comics - 8219377664
Via Liz Climo

So That's How They Made That

recipes food web comics - 8426953984
Via Rain Dog Comic

I Believe

beards funny web comics dads poorly dressed g rated - 7828906752
Created by meganeguard ( Via Poorly Drawn Lines )

I Get So Many Notifications

phone web comics - 8747277056
Via EndangeredComic

What Are Friends For

funerals friends web comics - 8090514688
Via Loading Artist

Oh Gendry

Game of Thrones pun TV - 6458258432
Created by TairyGreene

Probably Should Have Been Less Risky

sharks web comics - 8076023296
Via anthillcartoons

Let The Savings Flow Through You

shopping the internets - 6255346432
Created by darthguyford

You Can Achieve Your Dreams

artists funny web comics - 7897922304
Created by Chamblee ( Via Anonymous Artist )

Everybody's a Critic

acting criticism guns kick ass kids nicolas cage - 4537366784
Created by TTTERocks