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The Origin of DRM

meme piracy the internets video games - 5500354560
Created by Unknown

CSI Apple

apple best of week csi joke sunglasses TV - 5128605696
Created by TheSalami

Protesting Won't Help

trees sad but true web comics - 8309121536
Via A Hamm a Day

Guns Out

guns sad but true been there web comics - 8546540032
Via Kohney

Grumpy Cat is an Evil Princess

scar lion king Grumpy Cat movies - 7014975232
Created by sixonefive72

How Old Are You Again?

ash Pokémon TV - 7031046144
Created by FMASTA9

What You Wear Sends a Message

fashion hunger games web comics poorly dressed - 7924166400
Via Ginger Haze


celebutard IRL the internets - 2975892736
Created by Kiminero

Reality is Overrated

transformers kids pillows web comics - 8237946624
Created by Kittykat5279 ( Via Doodle For Food )

Senators Are Even Farther Distanced From The General Population

politics web comics - 8433357312
Via Maximumble

Are You Heartless?

cartoons futurama robot TV - 6393641984
Created by Unknown

I've Put a Lot of Thought Into It

best of week plans survival zombie apocalypse zombie - 5654357760
Created by Unknown

Maybe a Tidal Wave or Two Will Fix It

spiders disaster space earth - 8747631104
Via www.kohney.com
Cats Video web comics Valentines day - 78122241

Tough Love (A Valentine's Special)

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Cellphones Are Making Us Stupider

Via Loading Artist

Hide Your IKEA Catalogue

sad but true fapping web comics - 8380424960
Created by anselmbe ( Via Toonhole )