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celebutard celebutards From the Movies hair man milk pope - 3832668416
See all captions Created by chrisofduke

Bringing in the New Year With a Bang

new years web comics - 8600149504
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Thought He Was More of a Baseball Guy, Anyways

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Don't Panic

birds the internets whales - 6345225216
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Show No Fear

best of week Congress PIPA SOPA the internets - 5709789184
Created by PrincessWordplay

It Might Be Better For Him at That Age Anyways, Illiterate Dad

parenting funny web comics - 7841697280
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So Many Americans Are Like This

america ebola politics sad but true web comics - 8346638848
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Movie Night

The Walking Dead TV - 6676268544
Created by meganeguard ( Via Seemikedraw )

Can't Touch This

bees me gusta swimming the internets - 5969121024
Created by Biggmac4444

So Close...

TV - 5858067456
Created by Unknown

Relax, I Just Meant Bottles

gifs web comics - 7984864768
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Weather You Believe It Or Not

news weather web comics - 8433288448
Created by CaptainFuggit ( Via Unicycle of Violence )

Just Make Up an Excuse To Leave That is Insulting

make up funny web comics - 7886052608
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how about no costume wtf rhino - 6962448896
Created by funnyforthepublic

Problem, Executioner?

legos problem the internets troll u mad - 5443234048
Created by Jakester44


edward cullen From the Movies Harry Potter magic vampires voldemort wizards - 3888369408
Created by Unknown