Video Games

the feels

Finally Getting Sick of This

activision call of duty money the feels - 6267705088
By robsta156

I Just Hadouken'd in My Pants

anniversary capcom hadouken rage comic Street fighter the feels want - 6270284544
By Joe2491

Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

Aliens Gears of War the feels video games violence - 6276311296
By Unknown

Valve's Feelings

fans half life SpongeBob SquarePants the feels valve - 6262346752
By magamormonman

So Intense

graph the feels - 6257147648
By Unknown

Shut Up and Take My Money

cloud final fantasy VII playstation remake sephiroth square enix the feels Why Not - 6264326144
By Unknown

Wish I Could Play Any Game Again for the First Time

final fantasy 7 nostalgia playstation the feels - 6158051584
By Unknown

What Could Have Been

age of empires microsoft Sad the feels - 6153827584
By Unknown

U Mad COD Fans?

black ops II cod halo the feels - 6205764352
By Unknown

Then I Don't Ever Have to Buy From EA Activision

activision BioWare blizzard EA the feels - 6217356288
By Unknown

Half-Life Vs. Mass Effect

endings half life mass effect the feels valve - 6206657792
By Unknown

Diablo III Training

diablo diablo III PC SOON the feels training - 6209752832
By netpoet22

Bethesda Games...

arrested development bethesda box the feels - 6214252544
By Unknown


nostalgia the feels - 6206633984
By Unknown

What People Hate in Video Games

annoying feels gamers hate the feels troll video games - 6202797824
By Unknown

To Some People Killstreaks Are a Way of Life

King of the hill Sad soldier Team Fortress 2 the feels - 6198410496
By crimson_palidin