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the feels

Transration Pwoblems

dats wacist mega man 2 the feels translation - 6414245888
By Unknown

And I Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way

best of week cloud final fantasy VII nostalgia the feels - 6411267584
By Unknown

Throw the Challenge Out the Window

challenge difficulty the feels - 6401464576
By Megamean09

Cue the Feels

league of legends PC the feels - 6359684096
By riley66

Man, You're So Naive

battlefield DLC EA the feels - 6390331648
By dartyus

Valve, Half-Life 3, and Me

gabe newell gifs half life shut up and take my money the feels valve - 6366044416
By Unknown

Texting With Game Companies

EA sega Sony texting the feels - 6356567040
Via SteveX7

Gaming Nowadays

DLC gaming mona lisa the feels video games - 6345722624
By Unknown

Oh, Please Do Go On

couples females gamers the feels video games - 6332855552
By Iamsang1616

M is Supposed to Be for Mature

FPS ratings the feels - 6319589888
By tehjakesor

Stop Laughing at Me!

annoying dogs duck hunt gifs the feels - 6321232640
By DUH13

Brand New Franchises Pls

activision EA star wars the feels Ubisoft - 6320828672
By Unknown

Weapon of Choice

best of week bows e3 The Avengers the feels video games - 6311170048
By Unknown

Know Your Audience

developers e3 gamers the feels - 6300637952
By Unknown

Vidya Gams

makes sense seems legit the feels video games - 6286479360
By SwimmmerX

I Really Need Some New Games

bored gamers new games PC the feels - 6283974912
By Unknown