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the feels

Stupid NPC, Hurry Up

annoying hurry up npc the feels - 6470142720
By Unknown

We Waited So Long to Be Disappointed

diablo III Duke Nukem Forever the feels - 6449955840
By zenimaro

Functional Female Armor

armor battlefield the feels - 6460348672
By Brokencookie

Good Times

classic retro the feels - 6444025856
By Umpoe1

Battlefield PSA

battlefield helicopter psa the feels - 6445858048
By Kurmon


mass effect mass effect 3 the feels They Said - 6452421376
By Shawzee

Why Couldn't I Have Been Born Later

oregon trail Portal school the feels video games - 6434361600
By Unknown

My Life Replenished!

level up life the feels - 6431695360
By Unknown

That Had to Be the House Settling

dark scary silent hill the feels - 6437744640
By Unknown

Steam Sale Offerings

cheap me gusta steam sales the feels train simulator - 6437465600
Via AreWeNotMenOfScience

Wish Harder

half life the feels valve - 6426592000
By Unknown

I'm Getting Stronger and Stronger

girls guys MMO relationships the feels - 6420050176
By Unknown

We'll Just Make Another One or Charge DLC

capcom DLC EA Indiana Jones South Park the feels - 6421587968
By jessyjess

Why I Never Use Flashbangs

FPS over time Sad the feels - 6411249152
By Unknown

I am Dead Inside and I Still Cried

journey Sad story the feels - 6418564608

Just Wait for Premium Platinum

Battlefield 3 FPS the feels - 6410197760