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The Third and Final Act of This Terrible Miiverse Tragedy

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The Saddest Khajiit

Sad Fan Art khajiit the elder scrolls - 7983394816
Via DarrenGeers

Poor Kirby

donkey kong kirby Sad - 7962600704
Created by sergiomonty

Poor Kaiden

mass effect Sad - 7952237824

This is the Saddest Miiverse Comment Ever

comments gamers video games Sad Miiverse - 7934696704

The Hero of Time Doesn't Deserve This

feels link Sad zelda - 7892332288

Call of Duty Ghosts is 720p Upscaled to 1080p on Xbox One and Native 1080p on PlayStation 4

Sad call of duty ghosts console wars video games xbox one PlayStation 4 Video Game Coverage - 7877743616

Zombie Tales

Sad art - 7770907648
Via randyotter

When the Fad Dies, the Neopets Cry

Sad feels - 7763792128
Via timothy__tt

The End of Rare as We Know It

Sad feels rare nostalgia - 7752207616
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Free to Play Games in a Nutshell

Sad free to play video games - 7625374720
Sad retro videos xbox 360 - 50992641

One Day the Xbox 360 Will Be Retro

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At Least Luigi Has One Year Dedicated to Him

Sad comics luigi mario funny - 7515614464
Via theferdescape

The Sad Truth

Sad video games xbox one - 7495891968
Created by Alexander the Mediocre

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Sad gamestop IRL playstation 2 - 7429990912

Yoshi Will Die Alone

Sad feels nintendo yoshi - 7317481472
Via Supper Mario Broth