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Certified Bada$$

cortana Sad master chief Halo 4 - 6764578560
Created by Caelen

Always the Second Player...

Sad gifs peach luigi mario - 6761797120
Created by LJPhil

He Has No Shields! I SAID NO SHIELDS!

Sad players Halo 4 - 6751761152
Via funkalistic

Bombs Away

Sad game over - 6739200256
Via maentis
Sad Jeopardy angry birds Video - 43761921

You've Got to Be Kidding Me

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Guess Who's Buying Rayman Legends

Sad childhood rage comic rayman - 6711754496
Created by sergiomonty

You're Buying Nothing

DLC Sad - 6702432768
Created by DuqNcover


cheetos controller Sad xbox - 6696138752
Created by Unknown


nintendo 64 Sad - 6678206464
Created by Unknown
zelda Sad Death hearts rupees Video - 43160321

Buy Yourself Something Nice

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As if I Didn't Feel Bad Enough Killing Sif

dark souls prepare to die Sad - 6617747200
Created by NordicLlama

Almost Got It...

dead Sad - 6609397248
Created by Unknown

Maybe I Should Stop Leveling Up

Sad - 6610770432
Via Juan Quaglia

Xbox Nowadays

gamers Media netflix Sad xbox - 6610635520
Via bigdhunned

Final Fantasy: Delusions

final fantasy Sad - 6592514304
Via Past-Chaser


misunderstood Sad slender slender man - 6589893376
Created by Unknown