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Animal Crossing and Mario Kart Don't Mix Well

animal crossing Mario Kart Sad web comics - 8302996992
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Sad gary gabe newell Video - 63789825

Classic: Gary Newell

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Never Thought of Navi in This Way Before

Sad link navi zelda - 8291745536
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All Aboard to the Video Game Graveyard

Sad mega man bubsy mascots video games web comics - 8291643136
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Sorry, Clem

Sad clementine The Walking Dead - 8290639616
Created by Ghostmist1

After the Character Reveal...

Sad chrom super smash bros gifs captain falcon - 8256499200
Created by NintenisIrrelevant

We Go Forward, Not Back

gaming video games Sad web comics - 8248036608
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What an Awesome Way to Remember Your Dad

Sad feels gaming ghosts parenting - 8212242688
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If You Don't Tear Up Reading This There Might Be Something Wrong

Sad moms animal crossing web comics - 8208876800
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Y'know, Just Being a Jerk to a Jar

Sad wtf mother 3 lucas - 8190654464
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Lonely Chief

IRL Sad master chief - 8167138560

Poor Doug...

Sad The Walking Dead - 8160863744
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Sad Video roller coaster tycoon microtransactions - 60057089

The Death of Roller Coaster Tycoon

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Story of My Life

Sad halo - 8133039104
Created by Unknown

First Place Problems

first place Mario Kart Sad - 8092143360

Bad Luck Luigi

nintendo feels luigi Sad - 8015514880