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Deep Feels, Man

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Sad kickstarter Video Game Coverage - 77945345

Ant Simulator Dev Resigns and Cancels Game Because Business Partners Have Been Spending Money on Strippers and Booze

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My Mom Makes the Same Mistake

Sad Super Mario bros web comics - 8599800320
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Sad feels animal crossing - 8577838336
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Get on My Level, Son


Am I Not Good Enough for You?

Sad feels comics animal crossing - 7712851712
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This is What it Feels Like to Beat a Game With a Sad Ending

Sad wario video games - 8254269696
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Infinite Value!

Sad stahp mobile gaming - 8273913600
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Sad super smash bros Video - 69287425

What's The Deal With Smash Bros. Stage Hazards?!

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Sad forever alone heroes of the storm Video - 69285633

liek dis if u cry evertim

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Poor Green Mario

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What if Halo Was Just a Regular Guy?

zelda, what if zelda was a girl, rage
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Anita Pls

Sad gamers gamergate - 8439443456

Pls KIll Me

Sad cake mario - 8438692352
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Sad pay to win video games Video - 68190209

Video Games These Days...

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Everything is NOT Awesome

Sad - 8425904640
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