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Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the United States Army Amanda Simpson Totally Looks Like Dr. Phil's Wife, Robin McGraw

dr phil political politics - 5064182016
By RamonaQ

Paul Ryan Totally Looks Like Matthew Morrison

actor celeb funny matthew morrison paul ryan politics TLL - 6565560832
By MatGreenfield

Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like Metroman

funny TLL Mitt Romney politics Movie - 6660008448
By lkmanzo

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Totally Looks Like Scarecrow

Governor political politics wizard of oz - 5198454272
By sage1954

Sad Paul Ryan Totally Looks Like Robert from Guess Who

funny guess who paul ryan politics TLL - 6622547968
By SmokeyGlucose


alien E.T movies politics - 3611213824
By adamcpayne


coach newt gingrich politics sports - 4212955136
By kevinmsmith82

Senator Feinstein Totally Looks Like Professor Umbridge

Harry Potter totally looks like politics - 7154277888
By mp82rw

Donatella Versace Totally Looks Like President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

celeb Cristina Fernández de Kir Donatella Versace Totally fashion funny politics TLL - 6472213760
By Unknown

Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like The Mayor of Who-ville

funny Mitt Romney politics TLL - 6580722176
By Unknown


30 rock politics - 3792812544
By dylanhilton


barack obama political politics - 1620412672
By themunga

Jimmy Buffett Totally Looks Like Joe Biden

Music TLL jimmy buffett funny joe biden politics - 6705806336
By Unknown

Mitch McConnell Totally Looks Like a Turtle

TLL republican turtle funny animals politics - 6822907392
By Unknown

Governor Jan Brewer Totally Looks Like Terrence Stamp in Drag

actor celeb funny Jan Brewer politics TLL - 6421003520
By Darkseid2012

John Boehner Totally Looks Like An Orange M&M

Congress john boehner orange politics - 4413966848
By Joe_Schmoe