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Donatella Versace Totally Looks Like President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

celeb Cristina Fernández de Kir Donatella Versace Totally fashion funny politics TLL - 6472213760
Created by Unknown

Senator Feinstein Totally Looks Like Professor Umbridge

Harry Potter totally looks like politics - 7154277888
Created by mp82rw


animals Cats politics - 1608667392
Created by RamonaQ

This Guy in the Airport Totally Looks Like Stephen Colbert

celeb funny guy politics stephen colbert TLL - 6505480960
Created by juank2

John Boehner Totally Looks Like An Orange M&M

Congress john boehner orange politics - 4413966848
Created by Joe_Schmoe


author Hillary Clinton politics - 4345091840
Created by Efreet69

Hillary Clinton Totally Looks Like Dramatic Chipmunk

funny Hillary Clinton meme politics TLL - 6348756480
Created by TuckerBentley

Sad Paul Ryan Totally Looks Like Robert from Guess Who

funny guess who paul ryan politics TLL - 6622547968
Created by SmokeyGlucose


dolores umbridge Harry Potter Laura Bush politics - 3189337344
Created by Unknown

Young Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like Darren Criss

Mitt Romney actor Darren Criss TLL TV glee funny politics - 6747877888
Created by vietchica


Cabbage Patch Kids politician politics - 1659051264
Created by tom

Vladimir Putin Totally Looks Like Mutant Guy from Space Quest 4

games politics russia scary Vladimir Putin - 4505975040
Created by Unknown

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Totally Looks Like The Penguin (Batman)

batman Chris Christie funny Governor politics The Penguin TLL - 6576266752
Created by jtrfrankly

Wile E. Coyote Totally Looks Like US Fiscal Policy

political politics - 5064859904
Created by zuchinno


dinosaurs Hillary Clinton politics - 1696715008
Created by foreveruss17

Governor Jan Brewer Totally Looks Like Terrence Stamp in Drag

actor celeb funny Jan Brewer politics TLL - 6421003520
Created by Darkseid2012
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