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Will Scheuster Totally Looks Like Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton

actors glee History Day politics - 4696697344
Created by Unknown

Romney Logo Totally Looks Like Toothpaste Logo

funny logo Mitt Romney politics TLL - 6598415360
Created by ToolBee

Young Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like Darren Criss

Mitt Romney actor Darren Criss TLL TV glee funny politics - 6747877888
Created by vietchica

Ron Paul Totally Looks Like Homo Neanderthalensis Head Cast (Discovery Channel)

funny Hall of Fame history politics Ron Paul TLL - 6277833728
Created by amarawansa

Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like Metroman

funny TLL Mitt Romney politics Movie - 6660008448
Created by lkmanzo

Governor Jan Brewer Totally Looks Like Terrence Stamp in Drag

actor celeb funny Jan Brewer politics TLL - 6421003520
Created by Darkseid2012

Marcus Bachmann Totally Looks Like Chaz Bono

chaz bono Michele Bachmann politics - 4973357568
Created by NE1AtAll

Wile E. Coyote Totally Looks Like US Fiscal Policy

political politics - 5064859904
Created by zuchinno

Elena Kagan Totally Looks Like Jon Lovitz

actor celeb Elena Kagan funny politics TLL - 6045316096
Created by Unknown

Josh Romney Totally Looks Like Martin Landau

funny TLL celeb actor politics - 6683997696
Created by fastfood

Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like Makunga

Mitt Romney TLL funny politics - 6800110848
Created by danishatiq

Mitch McConnell Totally Looks Like a Turtle

TLL republican turtle funny animals politics - 6822907392
Created by Unknown


abraham lincoln politics president - 3271147520

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Totally Looks Like Scarecrow

Governor political politics wizard of oz - 5198454272
Created by sage1954

Vladimir Putin Totally Looks Like Mutant Guy from Space Quest 4

games politics russia scary Vladimir Putin - 4505975040
Created by Unknown

Donatella Versace Totally Looks Like President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

celeb Cristina Fernández de Kir Donatella Versace Totally fashion funny politics TLL - 6472213760
Created by Unknown