Totally Looks Like


Romika Shoebox Logo Totally Looks Like Mitt Romney's logo

funny TLL logo shoe politics - 6663392256
By robawesome

TLL Classics: Franklin Roosevelt Totally Looks Like The Penguin

batman political politics presidents smoking The Penguin - 5016608256
By Unknown

Hugo Chavez Totally Looks Like Otsuki

Hugo Chávez TLL funny politics - 6940139264
By Unknown

President Ahmadinejad Totally Looks Like President Obama

barack obama meme meme faces political politics - 5198723328
By mitchells2003

Smirking Joe Biden Totally Looks Like Jack Nicholson (The Joker)

funny TLL actor celeb jack nicholson politics joe biden the joker - 6666070528
By Unknown


politics stephen colbert - 1362757376
By liamdelf


dinosaurs Hillary Clinton politics - 1696715008
By foreveruss17

Ron Paul Totally Looks Like Homo Neanderthalensis Head Cast (Discovery Channel)

funny Hall of Fame history politics Ron Paul TLL - 6277833728
By amarawansa

Jimmy Buffett Totally Looks Like Joe Biden

Music TLL jimmy buffett funny joe biden politics - 6705806336
By Unknown

Paul Ryan Totally Looks Like Matthew Morrison

actor celeb funny matthew morrison paul ryan politics TLL - 6565560832
By MatGreenfield

Vladimir Putin Totally Looks Like Mutant Guy from Space Quest 4

games politics russia scary Vladimir Putin - 4505975040
By Unknown

Todd Martin Totally Looks Like Mitt Romney

funny Mitt Romney politics TLL - 6393405696
By totallydood87

Mitch McConnell Totally Looks Like a Turtle

TLL republican turtle funny animals politics - 6822907392
By Unknown


anime journalist politics spirited away writer - 3616700416
By chadinko

Young Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like Darren Criss

Mitt Romney actor Darren Criss TLL TV glee funny politics - 6747877888
By vietchica

This Guy in the Airport Totally Looks Like Stephen Colbert

celeb funny guy politics stephen colbert TLL - 6505480960
By juank2