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Bradley Cooper Totally Looks Like Paul McDonald

actors American Idol bradley cooper singers - 4695604992
Created by Unknown

Ben Linus (Lost) Totally Looks Like Captain Piett (Star Wars)

actor actors fictional characters lost movies science fiction star wars - 5227045120
Created by megapoubelle

Mahir Çayan Totally Looks Like Jimmy Fallon

actors comedians jimmy fallon - 4870095616
Created by k_nata


actors young - 4278619904
Created by cl318


actors b-j-novak saturday night live the office TV - 3430879744
Created by verenemartin

Corey Feldman from "The Lost Boys" Totally Looks Like Charlie Sheen

actors Charlie Sheen corey feldman - 5024866560
Created by SmilesDenials

Gov. Ratcliffe Totally Looks Like Jon Lovitz

actors cartoons disney - 4555000576
Created by llamaandcoyote

John Lennon Totally Looks Like Harry Potter

actors Daniel Radcliffe glasses Harry Potter john lennon movies musicians - 4929430272
Created by ZHansen


actors angry celeb happy keanu reeves - 3624939776
Created by juusie

John Krasinski Totally Looks Like Guy from 101 Dalmatians

actors cartoons disney Hall of Fame john krasinski movies - 4646609920
Created by jag4444

George Clooney Totally Looks Like Clark Gable

actors george clooney - 4778348544
Created by moomoo15

Criss Angel Totally Looks Like Jared Leto

actors Criss Angel jared leto musicians - 4927546368
Created by Muse-gal

Drop Dead Fred (Rik Mayall) Totally Looks Like Johnny Rotten

actors movies musicians redheads - 4187705600
Created by pulpfictionz

Russell Brand in "Arthur" Totally Looks Like Lon Chaney in "London After Midnight"

actors comedians movies Russell Brand - 4635126272
Created by Wolfsong

Tony Blair (1986) Totally Looks Like Booger From "Revenge of the Nerds" (Curtis Armstrong)

actors britain Hall of Fame movies politician prime minister UK - 5094331904
Created by Unknown

Meg Whitman Totally Looks Like Phillip Seymour Hoffman

actors hair politicians - 4583281152
Created by Electric_Mussolini