Totally Looks Like


Dumbledore Totally Looks Like Gandalf

actors dumbledore gandalf Harry Potter Lord of the Rings movies richard harris - 4582386944
By axeinyourface

Bob Saget & Dave Coulier In Drag Totally Looks Like Peter Scolari & Tom Hanks In Drag

actors bob saget drag tom hanks - 4975224832

Jack Black Totally Looks Like "The Barber of Seville" Cover

actors covers jack black - 4813987584
By Teh_TrollKuro


actors costume owen wilson steve carell the office - 4174786816
By miskatonic7

TLL Classics: Kofi Annan Totally Looks Like Morgan Freeman

actors classics Morgan Freeman political - 5126993408
By Unknown

Corey Feldman from "The Lost Boys" Totally Looks Like Charlie Sheen

actors Charlie Sheen corey feldman - 5024866560
By SmilesDenials

Lip Sync Kid Totally Looks Like Dr. Steve Brule (John C. Reilly)

actor actors comedian comedy glasses john c reilly - 5278067968
By ReverendLancE

Nicolas Cage Totally Looks Like Virgin Mary

actors nicolas cage religious virgin mary - 5142137856
By Unknown

TLL Classics: Vice President Thomas Marshall Totally Looks Like William H. Macy

actor actors mustache mustaches political politics vice president william-h-macy - 5274184960
By Unknown

Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia Totally Looks Like Kurt from Glee

actors glee - 4560862976
By ciaokatie

Christian Bale Totally Looks Like Jesus

actors beards christian bale hair Hall of Fame jesus religion - 4508798976
By El_Lobo_Loco

Charlie Sheen Totally Looks Like Bono

actors bono Charlie Sheen douchebags musicians sunglasses - 4541982976
By Satoshiko

Anthony Weiner Totally Looks Like Screech

actors Anthony Weiner Dustin Diamond politicians saved by the bell Screech - 4859696128
By thager1

Benjamin Button Totally Looks Like Donald Rumsfeld

actors brad pitt movies politicians - 4861762560
By Unknown

Finnish Politician Paivi Rasanen Totally Looks Like Willem Dafoe

actors politicians Willem Dafoe - 4561231360
By Unknown

Will Scheuster Totally Looks Like Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton

actors glee History Day politics - 4696697344
By Unknown