Football fans grab your helmets and pads and start dribbling towards the goal. Whether you're all about the touchdown or bending it like Beckham, you won't leave disappointed. Sit back and check out some of the funniest football memes and jokes while you wait for the next match.


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NFL Lineman JJ Watt, What Are You Doing Here?

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A Glimmer of Light in the Black Hole

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By jfeitknecht

Failed Catch Bomb

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It's Apalachin State... Not Surprising

Awkward booger football nose - 2873093376

Super Excited to Be Here

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By carpwoman

Classic: Nice Catch, Bro

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This Was in My Local Paper Today

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By jtcaseley1

Bronco Bombed

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By kidtwist206
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An Eternal Staring Contest is for Eternity

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Sigh...Hey, Dad

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Gators Fan Stares At Your Very Soul

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Explosive Fart

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The Champ: Aaron Rodgers

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Hey Ladies

behind you football girls - 6635759104
By CydneyCyclopse
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