you dont say

You Don't Say!

you dont say calculator math funny - 7518618112
By Unknown

Ya Think, Dora?

you dont say funny - 7507380224
By Daz_Voz

Can't You Read the Sign, Dummy?

coworkers you dont say at work - 7485638400
By Strings

Wash the Dishes

washing the dishes you dont say herpderp - 7457190400
By Priscillables

Just Take It Off the Hinges!

school you dont say truancy story - 7462909440
By Unknown

You Don't Say!

you dont say ikea washing machine - 7447229184
By Unknown

I've Got Some Legos I Wanna Buy!

you dont say funny - 7411416576
By WhiteWolfGTX

It's Always in the Last Place You Look

you dont say treasure lost - 7376302080
By Jacob Parham

Isn't It Obvious?

you dont say herpderp showering - 7378055168
By Livi

What If I Was Born on February 29?

months birthdays you dont say - 7332300544
By Unknown


hair Like a Boss you dont say gingers - 7311398656
By Unknown

The IMAX Pool

you dont say pool - 7322096128
By Unknown

I Actually Haven't Seen Them

you dont say - 6558825984
By Unknown

No, Your License Plate Number!

flirting you dont say relationships - 6559154688
By Unknown

Are Americans That Bad at Math?

you dont say math bottles - 7083671808
By spike88

It's Not Just a Flesh Wound!

you dont say bleeding parenting mom - 7069705216
By Unknown