you dont say

I Never Would Have Guessed!

driving news rain you dont say - 7978858496
Via Acid Cow

Drive Thru

fast food you dont say - 7980268544
By Masterunitk9

So Profound

you dont say tattoos - 7975168768
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Who's There?

you dont say - 7969007104
By StudentofLuna

Rainy Days

recess you dont say elementary school rain - 7950774272
By fr0z3n0rbs8

Or Maybe We'll Just Stand

restaurants you dont say - 7949711104
By Unknown

Ships? At a Port? How Novel!

signs you dont say - 7926818048
By Lachwen

True Story, Unfortunately

TV true story volume you dont say - 7909961216
By msrage

Google Stupidly Defined This...

google stupid you dont say - 7900652032
By Squidkid915

Why Do You Think I Like It?

you dont say herpderp - 6237395200
By Unknown

Twin Problems

stupid questions twins you dont say - 6534801664
By Unknown

Kind of the Point, Really

you dont say - 6534779904
By Unknown

I Can't Believe I'm Related to These People

shopping you dont say - 6537701632
By Unknown

Isn't It Obvious??

gym class school captain obvious you dont say truancy story - 7881160960
By DaxsDeathBlaze

I Was Having a Blast Bustin' Up My Face!

skateboarding determined you dont say herpderp - 6538600192
By Unknown

I Had No Idea I Just Did That!

computers you dont say headphones - 7868264448
By Dani_CA