you dont say


call of duty annoying you dont say - 7045584896

Is That Really Necessary?

you dont say - 6585809664

Titanic: Very Confusing to Most

titanic you dont say Jackie Chan - 6605176576
Created by gspence

'Snow Joke!

snow you dont say winter temperature - 6976249344
Created by sojuicysweeeet

Do Your Eyes Not Work?

are you kidding me you dont say true story basketball - 6875835904

They Don't Call It a Portable Phone for Nothing!

you dont say phone mom - 6859838208
Created by dragon4eva

Just Chuck It in the Machine, Basically

you dont say clothes - 6961602304

Translation, Anyone?

you dont say gangnam style psy - 6952272384
Created by ThaMo0s3

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions: Restaurant Edition

you dont say restaurant nicolas cage hostess - 6898492672
Created by sweetiesuicune1


underwater sign you dont say - 6788892416
Created by memebase45

Maybe You Just Wanted Breadsticks

pizza dominos you dont say - 6893843712
Created by 19Zoey88

Movie Theater Derp

date you dont say movie theater - 6829086720
Created by jhermaco15

Yay for Science!

sexytimes alcohol you dont say - 6802051584
Created by Brad

He Didn't Show Any Sympathy...

you dont say stupid questions derp face - 6773555456
Created by Savagespike101

I Almost Missed It

sign real you dont say sand - 6185802752
Created by Special.Ed

I'm So Disoriented

you dont say asia fry chinese - 6780408832
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