you dont say

Look at the shape of that monitor!

herp derp you dont say true story library - 8552452352
By Unknown

Teacher RAGE!

you dont say teacher rcc - 8550062080
By PineappleBlend

What Do You Think?

you dont say stupid questions - 8502881536
By tamaleknight

Dat House

you dont say derp face - 6773939200
By jhermaco15

Are You Sure?

phones captain obvious call you dont say - 7544815616
By Unknown

What an Important Life Lesson

you dont say poker face bad poker face pregnant - 6572514048
By ComiCaw15

I Was Wondering Why Everyone Seemed So Small

you dont say funny - 7502725120
By Unknown

I Totally Wasn't on the Train

you dont say public transit train funny - 7492736768
By Borgia

I Wondered What That Stuff Was!

rage you dont say football mom rain - 8447101440
By RageGuy4013

Teacher Ate My Homework

Rage Comics test truancy story you dont say - 6120705280
By Unknown


ipad you dont say computer - 8453841664
By Unknown

Wait, You Didn't Notice?

you dont say computer - 8446607360
By fbrueren

Oh Really Now?

the internets you dont say chrome - 8430442752
By pokemonfan0723

Dumb People on Facebook

you dont say facebook - 8414919424
By Unknown

Wild Fart

fart sweet jesus you dont say - 8330339328
By Unknown

It's the Minecraft Edition

minecraft you dont say - 8314880000
By ricardofr-200
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