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Teenage Mutant Ninja X-Men

art TMNT x men amazing funny - 7565806592
Via M7781

'First Class' Trolling

x men wolverine funny - 7537253376

Looks Like I'll be Sitting This One Out

forever alone x men superheroes - 7341464832
Created by Unknown
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You Won't Want to Miss This Trailer for 'The Wolverine'

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The X-Men Ride the Short Bus?

IRL x men superheroes - 7045188864
Created by RidinTheRainbow

They are Among Us*

IRL x men superheroes - 7024537600
Created by ErikLC

Are You McKidding Me?

Lord of the Rings gandalf x men - 6891013632
Created by Morgannah

Fandom Base: Magneto Meets His Match

korra crossover Fan Art fandom Magneto superheroes x men - 6432662272
Created by Rika235 ( Via julian-grei )

Mutants Came Before Aliens!

Avatar leave my presence Rage Comics x men - 6391129344

Beast [X Men First Class] Totally Looks Like Mr Howard [Dad From Teen Wolf]

beast funny TLL x men - 6302528512
Created by nomster2.0

Racer X Totally Looks Like Cyclops

funny TLL x men - 6286392064
Created by owentuohy

Superheroes: I Knew This Seemed Familiar

avengers Random Heroics x men - 6194182912
Created by Grogan


the internets x files Xmas x men - 5522576640
Created by Unknown

Typical Rogue Child

Annoying Childhood Friend games hypothetical powers rogue superheroes x men - 5414170112
See all captions Created by Nivek93

Hand Me a Paddle

Rage Comics table tennis x men - 5325838592


animal beaker cyclops muppets Pure Awesome wolverine x men - 5154124288
Created by Jack_187