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The Evolution Of Hugh Jackman's Upper Body

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Xavier's School Needs an HR Department

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Mutant War Never Changes

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Be Magentle With X-Men Puns

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Hugh Jackman's Original Wolverine Audition Tape

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Colin Furze Manipulates Fire, Just Like Pyro

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A 3 Demisional One

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Professor X Wants a Better Arch-Nemesis

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These Magneto Shoes Remind Me of Spider-Man

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The Force is Strong in This Mutant

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20th Century Fox Releases Eerily Familiar X-Men Posters

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Katniss Fights Tyrion In New X-Men Clip

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The Final Trailer for X Men: Days of Future Past Has More Story and Bone Claws

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How Frozen Should Have Ended

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Douche Central Over Here

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Nailed It!

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