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The Final Trailer for X Men: Days of Future Past Has More Story and Bone Claws

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How Frozen Should Have Ended

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Douche Central Over Here

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Via Wolverine and The X-Men #40

Nailed It!

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Check Out This Illustrator's Awesome Gallery of Pinups and Pop Culture Fan Art

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Why Wolverine is Never Punctual

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The REAL Real Raven

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What If Disney Characters Were Also X-Men?

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Via ingzero620

They Hired a Mutant?

x men funny - 8009421312

His Helmet, It's Just Too Bad

Magneto professor x x men web comics - 7936025088
Via Imogen Quest

Thanks, Netflix!

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Created by Unknown

Careful He's Unstoppable

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Rejected Mash-Ups

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Via The Obscure Gentlemen

Cyclops and Xavier Totally Looks Like Lieutenant La Forge and Captain Picard

x men totally looks like Star Trek funny - 7845573376
Created by jonnyjonjones

Does That Kid Have Storm For a Mom?

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Via Pain Train Comic

Nero Totally Looks Like Mesmero

x men totally looks like Star Trek funny - 7842443520
Created by Animators-Voice