People of Reddit discuss the value of one dollar in their countries, homelands, finance

People Discuss How Much (Or How Little) $1 Can Buy In Their Countries

If you ask anyone in the United States , they'll tell you that the dollar just isn't what it used to be. I used to be able to buy two big chocolate bars for that amount. Hell, I'd buy a pack of cigarettes for $4 when I was way too young to be smoking. That same pack is now $16 and change. Inflation is a b*tch. As many other people will have you know, that same dollar (or four quarters) can go a long way in other countries. Redditor u/sucka_3650 decided to investigate this discrepancy by asking…
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People share stories about being denied PTO by bad bosses

Infuriating Times Bosses Denied PTO Requests

Getting time off from work can be incredibly difficult here in the United States. Especially if you're not working an office job. In restaurants, it was always hell trying to find someone to cover a shift even with a week's notice, and if I was planning for a vacation, my boss would try to negotiate with me. “Why don't you take the week after, it will be less busy?” It's truly astounding - and despicable - how employers think they can dictate these aspects of ones life. Now that I am in the eve…
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Collection of tweets about the rising price of hash browns at McDonald's fast food restaurants, breakfast menu, people believe it's a marker of inflation or a recession

The Greedy Thieves at McDonald's Jacked Up the Price of Hash Browns & We're All Mad About It

Highway robbery.
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karen, karens, karens in the wild, airplane, flight, racist, racism, email, wtf, tiktok

Racist Karen Gets Roasted for Sending Rude Email About Women Sat Next to Her on a Flight

Subtle as a brick
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Bank of America and Zelle error causes customers to lose money, Twitter reactions, overdraft, outrage

Bank of America Customers Take to Twitter After Zelle Transfers Disappear, Leaving Many Accounts In the Red

Show me the money!
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Cringey privileged tech founder says adults shouldn't ask friends to move, inspires twitter debate

Apparent Rich Person Inspires Debate Over Asking Friends to Help With Moving

If you've spent any time on Twitter over the past couple of years, you're probably aware that the site's definition of “friendship” is kinda flawed.
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gaming, video games, gamer, gamers, computer, pc, consoles, wtf, funny

Seriously Weird Gaming Setups Constructed by Hardcore Gamers

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Cringey lies from internet users

Criminally Cringey Stories That Definitely Didn't Happen

For all the reasons that we love the internet (passing the time, learning about niche subjects, things we can't mention here if we want monetization), there are just as many reasons we hate it. First of all, it's addictive - even for people that use it all day for work. But most of all, the Internet is frustrating. There's so much to be gained by the wealth of knowledge on the world wide web, as well as the incredible platforms that give voices to marginalized voices, or connect loved ones who…
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Funny crazy posts from entitled karens

Entitled Karens Who Are Addicted to Complaining

If you told us a few years ago that insane Karens would still be a hot topic, we might not believe you, and we would definitely not want to believe you. Rage filled, entitled people are a plague upon the world, and it seems like that's especially true here in the United State s as well as across the pond in the United Kingdom. During the darkest days of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed like mentions of Karens and their insane meltdowns were popping up every hour, so obviously the same is true f…
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A compilation of random and unique memes.

Eccentric Memes You Can Take Your Time With

There are times to slow down and times to speed up. If you're luxuriating in a delicious bubble bath on a Friday night, it's time to sit back and take your damn time because it won't last forever. If you're working as a lifeguard at your local community pool and you see some suspicious bubbles, you know what to do sport. Consuming memes can lean towards being a speedy activity; you want those memes hot, fresh, and sizzling, and then you want to move on and take in some more memes. As someone wh…
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Twitter users roast video of psychologist trying to tell people how they should break up with their friends, friendship advice

'Here's How You Break Up With A Friend': Cringey Instructional Video Roasted By Humans With Actual Souls

In my 30-odd years of life, none of my romantic breakups have affected me quite like when I felt the pain of a friendship breakup. While it was not my fault (trust me), losing Magda and Molly (names changed for privacy) was probably the hardest experience of my life. It's true that people grow apart, but the sudden break in what was once a beautiful and meaningful relationship is always jarring. There really isn't a good rulebook for how to deal with the situation, but that doesn't stop TikToke…
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job, jobs, career, women, men, gender, misogyny, incel, wtf, hmm, funny twitter

Weird Dude Gets Roasted for Nonsensical Post About Gendered Careers

Come again?
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Video exploring if health insurance companies were honest

If Healthcare Was Honest | Honest Ads

Anyone who lives in the United States is well aware that health insurance feels like a huge scam. But what if hospitals and health insurance companies like UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and others were actually honest about how horrifically terrible they are? Roger Horton investigates.
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funny, gross food

Messed Up Food We Wouldn't Touch at a Potluck

As a food lover, I'm well aware that taste is usually more important than the “look” of a dish. There are plenty of foods that look a lot less appetizing they actually are. The split pea soup I made a couple of days ago, for example, looks like a trough of chunky, yet pasty vomit. Hot dogs don't really look all that hot, and lord knows I've seen more than a few chilis that resemble loose stools rather than a flavorful, pepper-filled dish. The thing is, some people seem to go out of their way to…
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feedback, job, work, employee, professional, discrimination, wild, wtf, annoying, twitter thread

Professionals Introduce Themselves As The Most Offensive Feedback They've Received

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cringe, cringey, cringeworthy, cringe pics, why, social media, stupid people, hmm, embarrassing, wtf

Awful Cringe Sourced Straight From the Bowels of the Internet

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