Funny screenshots from the subreddit entitled 'Username Checks Out'

Fifteen Meta Instances Of Usernames Checking Out

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Funny random Tumblr posts

Clever Tumblr Posts Full Of Sassy Comedy (40 Posts)

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Funny Twitter meme entitled 'Stop Talking Sh*t'

'Stop Talking Sh*t' Memes Inspire Witty Shade-Throwing

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Let's Be Considerate Of Them

Funny meme about leaving the world a good place for Willie Nelson and Keith Richards
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Funny video about how La Croix was invented

Hilarious Video Shows How La Croix Was Probably Invented

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Clever Kid

Funny meme about a clever student who draws a little cartoon on a test question that asks students to "defend" their answers
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Calvin and Hobbes comics

17 Times 'Calvin And Hobbes' Charmed Us With Its Adorable Wit

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16 Excellent Tumblr Posts To Spice Up Your Life

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pakalu papito, funny tweets

31 Hilarious Pakalu Papito Tweets From The Legendary Indian Gas Station Clerk Himself

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witty graduation yearbook clever graduate senior senior quotes high school - 8443397

36 Clever Senior Yearbook Quotes For The Senioritis-Sufferers

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Obviously Some Of You Didn't Complete The Homework

Funny tweet that reads, "Welcome back to invisibility class. It's pretty disappointing to see so many of you here"
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Funny twitter conversations.

36 Conversational Tweets From The Minds Of Comic Geniuses

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puns from slight modified celebrity names

17 Incredibly Dumb Celebrity Puns That Had Us ROFLing

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bad office jokes that make work more bearable

15 Times Office Smartasses Owned Their Coworkers With Terrible Jokes

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twitter witty 280 characters clever funny tweets witty reply snarky sass - 8190213

24 Clever Tweets For Those Looking For That Sass

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Pic of coins that have had the faces cut out; someone asks in the comments "at what cost" and another person replies "16 cents"
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