Funny moments from the Harry Potter books that weren't in the movies | My own brother, Aberforth prosecuted practising inappropriate charms on goat all over papers, but did Aberforth hide? No, he did not! He held his head high and went about his business as usual course not entirely sure he can read, so may not have been bravery Goblet Fire

Snarky Harry Potter Moments That Didn't Make it to The Movies

Wingardium leviosa!
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funny tumblr posts, funny tumblr, tumblr gems, tumblr thread, funny comments, memes, tumblr memes, funny, wholesome, clever reply, clever, witty reply, witty | weirdchristmas Follow quarantine nickname is feel right now last thing ate monkeywiki Follow limp biscuit | moral Rudolph Red nose reindeer is no one likes unless useful. rudolph red-nosed reindeer as capitalist propaganda: discuss rudolph already exactly as useful as other reindeer moral is deviation norm will be punished unless is

27 Funny & Intriguing Tumblr Gems

Amusing observations and clever replies
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scottish twitter, scotland, britain, british twitter, funny tweets, twitter memes, memes, scottish humor, funny, lol, funny scottish tweets, witty, clever tweets | @ciderbams Cannae stop laughing at sheep my dad saw today. Absolute unit | Grace Lynch @gracelynch2114 My wee brother everyone Today cannae really taste anything 14:53 Nevermind forgot put flavouring my noodles

37 Scottish Tweets That Are Pure Dead Brilliant

Hilarious patter from Scottish Twitter
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Funny Tumblr posts | idiopathicsmile Follow Not sure explain but April quarantine content had distinctly different feel than August quarantine content silvermarmoset Follow april gonna do so many projects counting squirrels! banana bread! august: burn down government

15 Tumblr Nuggets Fresh Outta The Toaster Oven

For people who like short and sweet humor!
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Funny random Tumblr memes | popokko Follow 's really august huh like 8 whole months have passed disgusting smallest-feeblest-boggart this post written 2018 but hits lot harder now

Fifteen Witty Tumblr Memes That We Thoroughly Enjoyed

Tumblr never fails to entertain us!
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Funny random tweets | Peaches, and best SeauxCocoa Americans be so proud working themselves bone, right into an early grave. Meanwhile other countries take naps middle day. 4:35 AM 8/5/20 Twitter Android

Twenty-Two Fresh And Funny Tweets For Bored Eyes

Kick your boredom's a$$
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Funny Tumblr posts | Ing education technology, overwrought fears about technology have proven equally exaggerated. Those apprehensive about computer-assisted tutoring or online instruction would do well keep mind such concerns have greeted almost any new learning tool. Dave Thornburg and David Dwyer instance, offer up list past complaints their book Rethinking Education Age Technology Digital Revolution and Schooling America today's vantage point, some concerns make amusing reading principal's p

Seventeen Fresh Tumblr Treats That We Thoroughly Enjoyed

Just a little clever entertainment for y'all.
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Funny random tweets | virginia McMurdo @VirginiaMcMurdo glad my New Year's Resolution 2020 wipe my counters down after every meal, instead ofI WANT tRaVel MoRe 3:07 PM 7/21/20 Twitter Android

Short & Sweet Tweets For People Who Hate Reading

The best kind of humor.
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Funny random tweets | wittyidiot @stephenszczerba Kinda feel bad attractive people who are now having communicate with their words first time and realizing they don't have personality

Sixteen Twitter Gems For Short And Sweet Entertainment

Twitter nuggs for y'all.
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Funny yearbook quotes from high school seniors | Matthew circumstances ones birth are irrelevant is do with gift life determines who are Mewtwo Pokemon Movie | Oney "Hannah Montana says nobody's perfect, but here am."

Yearbook Quotes In Honor Of The Graduates Who Didn't Get To Walk This Year

Stupid pandemic.
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Funny random tweets | drake gatsby @DrakeGatsby made some mediocre eggs Benedict and drank watered down screwdriver and then lit $120 on fire but wasn't same, man miss brunch 7:27 AM 6/14/20 Twitter iPhone

Thirty-Eight Fresh Tweets For People With Short Attention Spans

Short and sweet humor is just what we need right now!
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Funny memes and moments from comedian John Mulaney | Thirteen-year-olds are meanest people world. They terrify ihis day because 8th graders will make fun but an accurate way. They will get thing don't like about They don't even have look at long. They'll just be like Ha, ha, ha, ha, hey, look at high waisted man. He got feminine hips And l'm like No s thing sensitive about.

Fifteen Times John Mulaney Had Us LOLing

It's John Mulaney, everybody!
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Funny random Tumblr posts | tilthat TIL 2002 researcher found average 8-year-old British child could identify 80 Pokémon, but only 50 common wildlife species via sirobvious Common wildlife species don't normally yell their names at

Eighteen Tumblr Posts Chock-Full Of Clever Humor

Tumblr never fails to make us laugh.
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Funny tumblr posts | big-ricospizza: auntmarie: doesn't term "staff member" make laugh because those 2 words both mean penis HAVE DONE

Tasty Tumblr Posts That Are Weird But Good

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clever tumblr posts | science--noise E(z) Time Traveler 1919 have day where honor our struggles Great War War End All Wars mean World War TT: Oh sh t 37,773 notes

A Few Clever Tumblr Posts That'll Speak Your Mind For You

Relatability on steroids
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Funny text-based posts from Twitter and Tumblr | female hysteria @LocalGoblin bigass spider my room is now named Cotton Eyed Joe because want know two things where did he come where did he go

Twenty-Seven Amusing Textual Posts For Inquisitive Minds

We should all be reading more.
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