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Caption that reads, "When the Starbucks line is taking too long" above a pic of a bag of snack chips called "Get Movin' Crackers"
Via JakeFromHighSchool
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It Be Like That

Tweet that reads, "'Sad' spelled backwards is 'das' and das how it be sometimes"
Via Nobodylook


Tumblr post where someone from Texas says they've never seen snow before and then a week later it snowed in their town; then they post that they've never had a million dollars either
Via LB1920
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Everything Is Ruined

Caption that reads, "When you accidentally type a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence" above a stock photo of a guy with his head in his hands and text that reads, "Oh no my aloof and uninterested, yet woke and humorous aesthetic"
Via asdfghjklizzy

He's Almost Ready!

Tweet that reads "It's finally October, that means Michael Buble is defrosting as we speak"
Via anlyin
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Batman Always Had Impeccable Timing

witty comeback the joker literalism batman - 6978284032
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