white people

White People

Hell Yeah Time To Get Turnt

Caption that reads, "'This house has been haunted for 700 years. Any person who has walked in mysteriously disappeared;' White people: ..." above a pic of Random Fish Guy from Spongebob walking into the Krusty Krab
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It's True

Funny meme about white girls who do missionary trips, charity trips in africa, daenerys targaryen.
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Pulled A Lil Sneaky One On Ya ;)

Caption that reads, "When your coworker Jeff is on vacation and you pull a super silly prank by changing the wallpaper on his computer to My Little Pony or something funny like that lol" above a stock photo of a dopey-looking white guy
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Yo Habla Bueno Espanol!!

Caption that reads, "45-year-old white ladies in Mexican restaurants after saying 'gracias' to the waiter" above a pic of a middle-aged white woman looking pleased with herself
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It's True

Caption that reads, "Songs that never fail to make white people beyond turnt" above a list of common classic rock songs like Bohemian Rhapsody
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Y'all Like The Sprinkler?

Caption that reads, "When I try to dance" above an ad that reads, "Crest - Noticeably White"
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Few Have Considered This

Tweet that reads, "Someone in this world has consumed more mayonnaise than anyone else currently alive and they don't even know it"
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So Spicy

Caption that reads, "Benicio del Toro is just Brad Pitt with seasoning"above pics of both of them looking very similar
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You Must Defeat All Of The Bosses

Pics of various middle-aged women who demand to speak to the manager, ending with a 'final boss' with huge hair who says, "I require the presence of the board of directors"
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