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White People

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Father pushes Black school superintendent to stop him from shaking his daughter's hand at graduation: 'We are still bickering about skin color 400 years in'

Father of the year right here
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What is the Millennial Version of 'Live. Laugh. Love?': The legendary slogans of insufferable white women through the ages

What is the Millennial Version of 'Live. Laugh. Love?': The legendary slogans of insufferable white women through the ages

But first, coffee
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Racist Guy Faces Backlash for Whitewashing Halle Bailey in 'The Little Mermaid' Trailer

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'Middle Class Fancy' Memes For People Who Think Mayo Is Too Spicy

Memes to share with the gang at Nance's potluck
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Woman 'Discovers' Instant Noodles, Gets Roasted by TikTokers

There's no shortage of people who shamelessly “Columbus” basic foods for TikTok clout. @tarawoodcox11 is just one such case. In a viral TikTok, she explains how to make Top Ramen noodles for anyone who doesn't feel like cooking dinner. @_doright_ #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - Cancer Bae
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Funny pics about 'first-world anarchists' | cutting a square in the center of a Hershey's chocolate bar | person in full diving gear underwater in a tiny bathtub NO DIVING

15 First World Anarchists That Need To Be Stopped

Do not mess with them.
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Funny memes from Instagram account "Middle Class Fancy" | [this week on house hunters] Husband 1,200 stimulus check Wife 1,200 stimulus check budget: 3.69 million | working hard or hardly working middleclassfancy Leonardo Dicaprio laughing

17 'Middle Class Fancy' Gems For All Your Suburban Dreams

Hey Nance ;)
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funny tweets, funny twitter, scandal, hilaria baldwin, alec baldwin, grifting, liars, yikes, wtf, embarrassing, funny, lol, identity, cringe, white people, fail | O save elena ilana alana alina elana (not) @lenibriscoe You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin's commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person | Molly Lambert @mollylambert the beauty of the Hilaria Baldwin is we all know a boring American girl who decided she was actually "European" |

33 Funniest Twitter Takes On The Hilaria (Hillary) Baldwin Scandal

Twitter exploded with jokes after Baldwin admitted she was born in Boston
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Funny Christian hip-hop video, cringe videos, christianity, evangelists, televangelists | Y'all... Come look at this | This dude said f a moonwalk lemme hit the disciple slide!

Vintage Christian Hip-Hop Performance Brings The Cringe

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Funny dank memes about taking an ancestry DNA test | man in tracksuit squatting on a railing says 3% Russian life_of gopnik. alexandria ocasio-cortez says 05% Italian

14 Ancestry Memes That Poke Fun At Stereotypes

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We're All Tired Of Your BS

Funny meme that reads, "Even the street signs are tired of it" above a photo of a sign that says "Karen St." above a stop sign
Via anlyin
Funny video sketch about a group of Karens fighting with each other at a playground

Video Sketch Imagines How Karens Interact With Each Other In The Wild

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Funny meme that reads, "Even tho this is a picture you can tell she is off beat" above a photo of Kendall Jenner dancing.
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Funny stock photo memes from Instagram account 'Middle Class Fancy' | Nance buys Zesty Italian dressing instead regular Italian Nance know stuff gives tummy ache middleclassfancy | first guy ever have crispy boy probably like drew scanlon white guy blinking

'Middle Class Fancy' Nuggs For Those Who Think Mayonnaise Is Too Spicy

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Funny Facebook messages between a "Karen" and the admin of a Facebook group that makes fun of "Karens" | Karen O on mobile Hello, my name is Karen messaging today due new trend going around referring demeaning term used degrade middle aged white women part feminist movement called months also doing story on my page about this, and free come look at get better educated on racism and 's effects on society as whole s recent

Angry Karen Writes Facebook Letter Demanding An End To The 'Karen Crisis'

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Ultimate Dad Joke

Funny and clever Tumblr post about Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis being the "Tolkien white guys" in Black Panther, because they acted in Lord of the Rings and were the only two white actors in Black Panther
Via nkschum75
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