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White People

Funny dank memes entitled 'First Guy To'

'First Guy To' Memes Feature Our Favorite Blinking White Guy

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Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

Funny meme that reads, "Me when there's a new documentary about a serial killer on Netflix" above a photo of Anna Kendrick looking excited
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Random tweets for when you're bored, white people and spicy food.

28 Random Tweets For When You're Bored Stiff

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It's True, No One Cares

Funny tweet about posting videos of fireworks from Fourth of July
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Funny video of comedian Matthew Broussard explaining how college is like a reality TV show

Comedian Hilariously Explains Why College Is Like A Reality TV Show

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Undoubtedly About An Expired Coupon

Funny tweet that reads, "Some of y'all have never been yelled at by a middle-aged white lady about something wildly outside the realm of your pay grade while working in the service industry and it shows"
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mexico drunk cinco de mayo mexican food funny memes tequila margarita holidays alcohol tacos white people - 8276485

13 Cinco De Mayo Memes For Anyone Tryna Get TURNT

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funny twitter meme, white people love saying, meme. | Woman - Heather Lakin @luvrofsunflower white people love saying came at right time" as line grows longer behind them restaurant. 9/23/18, 6:00 PM

White People On Twitter Love Tweeting About What White People Love Saying

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redneck things left behind after event

Twitter Thread About All The Weird Sh*t Left Behind At Talladega Is Peak Redneck Culture

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Funny tweets from white people twitter, beer, craft beer, IPA, pumpkin spice latte, kids, lying about kids.

21 Sparkling Gems From White People Twitter

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the face karen makes memes | Woman -  face white woman makes tell her manager is on their way | Ppl will really b like "omg l cant believe have work on thanksgiving should be home with family While scanning their shit like f cking reason Karen. Go home 11/16/18, 10:04 PM

30 Infuriating 'Karen' Memes That Demand To Speak With Your Manager This Instant

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Coachella memes and tweets and funny pictures

14 Hater Coachella Memes That'll Help Your Inner Basic Shine Through

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rules first world anarchists signs directions funny pics rebel funny signs white people - 8140549

17 Softcore Anarchists Who'll Make You Want Your Mommy

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whole foods vegan snobby bourgeois memes

14 Snobby Whole Foods Memes That'll Make You Feel Like The Dirt-Poor Scum You Are

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Hell Yeah Time To Get Turnt

Caption that reads, "'This house has been haunted for 700 years. Any person who has walked in mysteriously disappeared;' White people: ..." above a pic of Random Fish Guy from Spongebob walking into the Krusty Krab
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starbucks coffee memes

14 Starbucks Memes That'll Anger Any Coffee Snob

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