Please Be Patient...

waiting please understand nintendo - 7625565696
By LJPhil

Any Day Now I Will Play Majora's Mask Again

wii U waiting zelda - 7520618496
By mathieuda (Via WindWakerLinkisBestLink)

Exercise: Check

waiting what have you done toast - 6697442304
By Unknown

Valve Server Logic

PC servers Team Fortress 2 valve waiting - 6547001600
By cavefish

My Worst Nightmare

Duke Nukem Forever half life the feels valve waiting - 6470158336
By Unknown

Just Waiting for Life to Happen

coffee life Memes SpongeBob SquarePants waiting - 6430653696
By Unknown

Senior Picture: Waiting

background Impending Doom SOON waiting when you see it - 6092170496
By LeF00t3

I Can't Seem Too Eager

Rage Comics texting waiting watch out guys - 5845027584
By ComicConrad

Hook, Line, and Sinker

eel food jokes Memes waiting - 5686047232
By dbake24

Satan Claims Another One

mormon Mormon Chat satan waiting - 4504336384
By riahbelle66

Only Useful to Math Teachers

algebra best of week equations math Memes real life waiting - 5536320768
By anon999

A Watched Phone Never Vibrates

phone Rage Comics text waiting - 5352023040
By gotcha919


baby elmo Impending Doom Sesame Street SOON waiting - 5247268352

The Perfect Guy

best of week dead the internets waiting women - 5185567744
By Snake73

The Last Guy Had Unexpected Plaque

i lied orthodontist Rage Comics time troll waiting - 5185418240
By walcitrus

Me Gusta: Waiting for the Roofie to Kick In, Man

Awkward me gusta Party SOON waiting - 5146926336
By Philasaurus