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Entitled Karen Wants A Salad, Orders a Not Salad, Tantrum Ensues

This entitled Karen insisted on ordering a salad. However, the salad she was ordering was, in fact, not a salad. Despite the waiter's attempts to explain this to her, she refused to listen and then proceeded to have a meltdown once her "salad" arrived.
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'Oh buddy': Entitled idiot insists on ordering for girlfriend's entire family, gets served by waiter

'Oh buddy': Entitled idiot insists on ordering for girlfriend's entire family, gets served by waiter

In the service industry, it's incredibly important to be polite and courteous to your “guests,” but occasionally, a chance presents itself that can't be ignored.
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Funny meme that reads, "I'm single because the Lord has someone special waiting for me; The Lord: ..." above a painting of Jesus


Caption that reads, "When the Starbucks line is taking too long" above a pic of a bag of snack chips called "Get Movin' Crackers"
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Funny meme about teacher waiting for class to be quiet, mannequin.
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Confessions from restaurant waiters and servers about the secrets of their jobs.

20+ Server Confessions That Will Make You Feel All Kinds Of Weird

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cover image about getting overwhelmed at work

The Joys of Working in the Food Service Industry in 35 Memes

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So... Parched...

waiting thirst image - 8971627520
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Getting Lost in Your Work

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Doctor's Office Rage

rage doctors office waiting - 8148403200
Created by Squidkid915

We Need a Bigger Popcorn Bucket

fu waiting movies Popcorn bored - 8462537472
Created by Unknown

I Guess It Wasn't a Great First Date

dating Rage Comics waiting - 5429555712
Created by Unknown

Delayed Release Rage

waiting video games - 8444199424
Created by SchoolhouseRage

Waiting For the ONE Stall in the Men's Bathroom

rage waiting bathroom - 8428428544
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It Took You THAT Long?

waiting chatting - 8414857984
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Dedicated to His Craft

jokes waiting facebook - 8385538816
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