Please Don't Let Anyone See Me...

parking lot waiting mom - 8358163712
By Unknown

Wait For It...

Y U NO doctors office waiting - 8368570880
By death_by_rage

The Sad Result of All Too Many Lives

waiting sad but true boredom web comics - 8301982976
Via King Wasted

The Waiting Game

waiting Skyrim web comics - 8246421248
Via xTerraH

How MANY Minutes?

waiting dinner - 8221285888
By Unknown

It's Almost Like Your Internet Connection Knows!

computer guy internet rage waiting - 8097796608
By GuywithPie

Quit Stringing Me Along!

chat waiting - 7978227968


dads waiting moms - 7969152000
By DerpityNerpDerp

Time is a Troll

time waiting - 7961458944
By Wauder

Why Would You Do This to Me?

candy no waiting - 7918367232
By Unknown

We've All Done Our Waiting! Give Us Fallout 4 Now!

Harry Potter fallout 4 waiting - 7909046784
By jacka24

What Have You Been Doing All This Time?

waiting friends computer guy - 7881997824
By Slashy55

Don't Be That Guy

waiting gamers - 7822828544
By Unknown

Still Waiting Two Weeks Later...

steam valve waiting - 7775210240
By Taterdude

The Nerve of Some Summoners

pcs waiting league of legends - 7676575488
By Vitpat

Waiting Really Grinds My Gears

waiting Memes you know what really grinds my gears - 7667764480
By Unknown