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TikTok where a skincare influencer talks about how she trained herself to not use the muscles in her face to avoid getting wrinkles

Freaky Skincare Influencer Trains Her Face To Not Express Emotions To Avoid Wrinkles

How far would you go to avoid aging? Most of us have at least some semblance of a skincare routine , while others break the bank on various exfoliators and lotions and goos. If you're really terrified at the prospect of getting lines on your face, you might invest in botox or even a facelift. No matter what lengths you'll go to to look young, you probably haven't gone as far as skincare influencer, Isabelle Lux . Along with an intensive beauty and skincare regiment, Isabelle Lux has quite liter…
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Gross parents talk on their podcast about how they don't bathe their children regularly

Disgusting Parents Brag About Not Bathing Their Kids

If you've ever been around children , you know that every kid is somehow exceptionally filthy. They run around all day, eat with their hands, roll in the dirt, and stick their fingers in their mouth. Basically everything about children leads you to believe that they are the grossest demographic around. Young kids are at that tender age where they need the adults in their lives to instruct them on how to not be the most disgusting filthy pigs in the world. Unfortunately, some parents are too inc…
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TikTok Where Lea Michele from Glee Funny Girl and Spring Awakening Addresses Rumors That She's an Illiterate Person Who Can't Read

Lea Michele Finally Addresses Rumors That She Can't Read In Hilarious TikTok

Lea Michele can't read. At least that's what everybody has been aledging about the former Glee star for the past couple of years. The conspiracy theory began when a YouTuber made an hours-long conspiracy video documenting his theory that Lea Michele never learned to read. The illiteracy rumors have recently increased in popularity since Lea Michele was cast in the Broadway musical Funny Girl. She began her run as Fanny Brice on September 4th but sadly tested positive for COVID soon afterward, f…
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TikTok shows Hilarious Little Girl Mistaking Halle Bailey in 'The Little Mermaid' Trailer For Whitney Houston

Hilarious Little Girl Mistakes Halle Bailey in 'The Little Mermaid' Trailer For Whitney Houston

If you've been online at all over the last couple of days, you've probably seen that there's been some controversy surrounding the upcoming live action adaptation of Disney's The Little Mermaid. The casting of singer Halle Bailey has caused a lot of outrage from people who are vehemently against a the inclusion of a Black Ariel in the canon. In response to the racist backlash towards Bailey, many mothers have been recording their children's reaction to the trailer, finding that most of them are…
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'IT'S CORN! A big lump with knobs': Wholesome Kid Becomes a Meme For Raving About His Love For Corn on the Cob

Its got the juice
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An article about a TikToker who jokingly convinced his fans he was an AI deepfake the whole time, only to come clean that it was a joke.

TikToker Convinces Fans He's Actually an AI Deepfake Illusion

The lines between reality and fiction are becoming more blurred as newfangled technology rears its head. I remember when deepfakes first came out, and seeing merely experimental videos utilizing that technology was frightening. Deepfakes essentially marked the beginning of an era of the internet where we knew that anyone, anything they said, and anything they did could be completely manufactured and fake. It was only a matter of time before deepfake or fully virtual celebrities emerged. The mos…
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A TikTok featuring a guy intervening between a couples fight, only to discover he's on the set of a movie

Legendary Dude Intervenes In a Couples Screaming Fight, Discovers He's On a Film Set

There seem to be very few good samaritans who will intervene in a precarious situation. There is actually a psychological explanation for this called The Bystander Effect . According to Wikipedia, the bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological theory that states that individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when there are other people present. People feel like because there are other people around, they will intervene, and they themselves don't have to do anyt…
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Sylvanian Drama TikTok series returns from hiatus and people are loving it

Sylvanian Drama Returns From Hiatus And It's As Chaotic As Ever

Who says that TikTok cannot be the arena for devastating psychosexual melodramas? Many haters have derided TikTok videos as vapid nonsense with no value whatsoever. The viral TikTok account Sylvanian Drama is all those things but is simultaneously one of the funniest series to hit the internet in a long time. Sylvanian Drama features various Sylvanian Families toys going through harrowing life experiences. They deal with eating disorders, alcoholism , bullying, sl*t shaming, fatphobia, murder,…
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A TikTok about a husband who thinks his wife pees and gives birth from the same place.

Clueless Dude Thinks His Wife Pees and Gives Birth From the Same Place

Guys of all ages can be kind of clueless about women's bodies. I know a guy who thought women could hold in their period blood as one holds in their pee. It's not necessarily men's fault when they know so little; Sex education programs have been cut for decades, and even when men start getting with women, a lot of basic information can simply slip under the cracks. However, one would think by the time a guy is married, he would be a bit more knowledgeable about the female anatomy. Unfortunately…
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Reddit thread about Andrew Tate and teachers increasingly concerned with his effect on young men

Concerned Teachers Discuss Andrew Tate's Impact On Their Male Students

If you've never heard of Andrew Tate, congratulations! You're either over the age of 16 or not on TikTok , either of which are equally admirable accomplishments. If you are both, even better! Andrew Tate has blown up in a Jordan Peterson-esque manner, catapulting his online presence seemingly overnight. For those who are no longer dependent on our parents, the question remains: who the hell is this guy? Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer and Big Brother UK contestant. He was removed…
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A compilation of hilarious viral videos that make people on Twitter laugh

People Share Videos That Make Them Laugh Every Time

Viral content rarely has the same punch on the second and third viewing as on the first. The first time I watched that classic viral video of a car driving on a scenic highway, I was positively spooked by the twist. Unfortunately, I'll never get back the experience of watching it for the first time, but repeat viewing isn't necessarily what “Scary Car Commercial” is made for. It was created to scare the sheltered neighbor kids who weren't allowed to watch YouTube at their house. Even if it does…
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Guy solves gender conflicts by telling people to be nicer to each other in viral tiktok

Dude Solves The Gender Wars With Genius TikTok

If you've been online at all since 2015, you have likely encountered discourse about gender and dating that is, at best, kind of strange and, at worst, explicitly violent. These micro-discourses can be summed up with the all-encompassing phrase, “The Gender Wars.” Now, if you're a normal person and not extremely online, you might wonder what that is. According to a most reliable source, The Gender Wars occur when “you have women pushing the narrative that all men are misogynistic, cheaters, abu…
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Article about a TikToker who made the Thneed from The Lorax in real life.

Fashion Student Uses "Thneed" From The Lorax to Create Different Fashionable Clothing Items

The Lorax (2012) is one of the most memed movies of the past 10 years. If you're thinking, “what? I've never seen many Lorax memes before?” you're one of the lucky ones.
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Article about mom who fat shames her fat baby in a viral tiktok.

Thin Mother Fat Shames Her Months Old Baby In Viral TikTok

The only phase of life where being chubby is socially accepted as a positive thing is infancy . Once you stop being young enough to carry, being thin is societally enforced with an iron fist, with anyone who doesn't fit into that mold being endlessly criticized for their size. It makes sense that we make an exception for fat babies in such a fatphobic society. After all, nobody wants a skinny baby. Well, almost nobody. Mayci Neeley is a TikToker who makes family content, sharing cute videos of…
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Article about a waiter who made a TikTok exposing a Karen for her rude behavior and coming into the resturant right before closing

Waiter Exposes Rude Karen Who Came Into Restaurant Minutes Before Closing

I find nothing more baffling than customers who insist on staying at a restaurant after it has closed. I have been mopping the floors of an eating establishment around families sitting at the table just talking and carrying on. It's people like these who make me grateful that I at least have the decency and social skills not to behave the way they do. One TikToker has dedicated his page to documenting frustrating situations like this. Dean Redmond posts videos divulging the juicy and frustratin…
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Article About How Pink Sauce Creator Didn't Know What The FDA was.

Pink Sauce Creator Claims Her Product Doesn't Need FDA Approval

If you've been online in any capacity this week, you've probably heard of the Pink Sauce . The product was originally marketed on TikTok as a delicious and unique sauce that was incomparable to any other sauce currently on the market. However, things fell apart quickly when consumers found that the sauce was shipped unrefrigerated in a flimsy bag and contained multiple errors on the nutrition label. The most worrying discrepancy to many buyers was that the Pink Sauce was a different shade of pi…
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