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Rollercoaster Passengers Jamming Their Way Out Of A Jam, Set To The Tune Of 'What Is Love'

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Neo Continuously Throat-Punches Agent Smith In Hilarious Re-edit

This is art
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Broken Air Conditioner Gets Funky As Hell

I can dig it
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After 290 Days Of Searching, Woman Finally Reunites With Lost Dog

Faith in humanity: Restored
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Video: Farmer Gives Rhea A Gentle Bonk To Avoid Attack

'I'll tell you what's animal abuse: Kevin hurting me!'
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Cool video from Cracked about disturbing mario canon, nintendo, super mario bros

4 Disturbing Mario Adventures Nintendo Doesn't Want You To See

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Video: Everything Goes Right For This 'Price Is Right' Wizard

We love to see it
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Video: If Fantasy Characters Made Movies About Our World

Painfully spot on
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Video: Louis C.K. Does A Bit About Sexual Deviance In New Special

Louis indirectly addresses cancellation after years of laying low
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Video: When The Writers Obviously Want To Kill Off A Character

Hilariously spot-on parody
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Your Brain On Cracked Video, Jordan Breeding, Superhero Movie Tropes, Spider-man, Marvel, DC Comics

4 Weird Superhero Tropes Movies Won't Stop Recycling

What happened to creativity?
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Video: Hilarious Personification Of Outside Plants Vs. House Plants

House plants are pretty much pathetic
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Video: Mike Patton Performs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme In Epic New Trailer

Yeah, we're stoked
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4 Superman & Lois Lane Love Life Storylines Too Offensive For The CW

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Video: 'The Legend Of Beavis' Is A Perfect Mashup

Featuring Beavis as Link
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Video: Man's Million Dollar FOMO Akin To The Experience Of Betting On Meme Stocks

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