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Video: 4 Teenage Movie Tropes Based On Nothing

Presumably, every single writer in Hollywood was at some point in time a teenager . At the very least, they probably inject themselves with teenage blood in order to keep their organs strong and their skin moist. So how in the world do they know nothing about them? Thankfully, "Doctor" Jordan Breeding is oft accused of having a teenage sense of humor, so join him as he tears apart teenage movie tropes that have no grounding in reality.
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Funny meme about millions of people watching a video of a waffle falling down
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Video about Know Your Meme's January 2021 meme of the month, bernie sanders in a chair, lady dimitrescu, lamar roasts frankling, gaming, gta V

Watch: Know Your Meme Shares The Best Memes of January 2021

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cute animals, videos, wholesome, dogs, cats, birds, funny, memes, animals, pets | girl opening a car door for a llama | chicken with buff human hands | dog skateboarding

31 Wonderful Animals Just Doing Things

Adorable animal moments captured on video
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Funny video roasting the quality of embedded videos on reddit.

Dude Perfectly Captures The Frustrating Nature Of Embedded Reddit Videos

Thank you, Rotted Reviews!
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Kid confronts mom in video because the mom believes that antifa was behind the storming of the capitol, while it was debunked by the FBI - MAGA, Donald trump, insurrection | They're antifa, dressed in MAGA clothes | The CrankiestAssCajun @aCrankyAssCajun This kid rules. More parent shaming. Fifty Shades Of Whey @davenewwo This is your brain on Fox News

Video: Kid Confronts Mom Over Belief That Antifa Stormed The Capitol

Oh boy.
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Funny meme about how videos of animals hurting humans are funny, but videos of humans hurting animals suck
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elderly man covering slipknot's song snuff

Old Man Covers Slipknot's 'Snuff' To Hauntingly Beautiful Results

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Funny twitter memes about paula white speaking in tongues, trump's spiritual advisor, remixes, funny | The angels from Africa: we don't do that here Black Panther | Every now and then, Twitter delivers complete gold. Trump's spiritual advisor set to Eminem. With a dancing cat.

Trump's Spiritual Advisor Inspires Viral Remixes And Memes After Speaking In Tongues

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Funny memes about vloggers, story time | CoolDotCom Friend spilled water on Youtuber: sorry let help clean up Youtuber SAVED MY FRIEND DROWNING Storytime | Barista s Stephanie with ph, right? YouTuber: um yeah 'd know Barista: idk just guessed YouTuber: MY STARBUCKS STALKER STORYTIME

Memes That Roast The Attention-Seeking Ways Of YouTubers

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Twitter roasts Gal Gadot's video of celebrities covering John Lennon's Imagine | Uncle P @PasqualeLDN gal gadot video has really shifted my mood and hopes today am now actively seeking virus. 6:12 AM 3/19/20 Twitter Android Ben Sixsmith @BDSixsmith Gal Gadot hope this cute video and my friends will make people smile Twitter: GIF angry simpsons characters

Twitter Unites In Its Hatred Of Gal Gadot's Star-Studded 'Imagine' Video

The cringe is real.
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Funny video that roasts CVS drug stores SMosh

Hilarious Video Roasts The Crap Out Of Every CVS Ever

The receipts are TOO DAMN LONG.
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Funny video wendy williams fart odell beckham jr

Wendy Williams Sneaks Out A Wet One During Live Taping

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videos taylor swift the tonight show jimmy fallon funny video - 99701249

Watch A Very Drugged Taylor Swift's Meltdown Over A Banana

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Funny video mashup of Midsommar and Wet Hot American Summer.

This 'Midsommar'/'Wet Hot American Summer' Mashup Trailer Is Pure Genius

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Bottle Cap Challenge, what is the bottle cap challenge, instagram posts from John mayer and jason statham for bottle cap challenge.

Bottle Cap Challenge Is Inspiring Celebs Like Jason Statham And John Mayer To Flex On Each Other

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