Vegans are people that practice abstaining from the use of animal products. It it not just diet related but also can be done by avoiding animal-derived materials in everyday clothing, supplies and products tested on animals. 

Livin' The Dream

Funny meme about a chicken being relaxed because he lives in a vegan neighborhood.
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Funny IRL Troll posters, fake missing posters, funny missing posters, cats, dogs, animals, game of thrones, politics, star wars. cover photo is daenerys targaryen and poster says "where are my dragons?"

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Funny meme about vegans.
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Funny meme about joining a vegan recipe sharing thread, posting photo of ground meat.
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Don't Sit By And Let This Happen

Funny meme about the future vegans want, lobsters cooking humans.
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Human Anatomy Is Fascinating

funny meme about the bodies of vegans.
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Funny meme about vegans sending nudes.
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Help Me, WebMD

Funny meme about vegans and carrots that look like feet.
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So Hypocritical

Funny meme about how vegans are hypocritical because they drink water which is a fish's home.
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Funny meme about dating a vegan to save money.
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Collection of random and funny memes about vegans, work, dating, sex, cole slaw, food, being an adult, vegan food, outfits, vin diesel, the weekend, cars, summer.

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Me At The BBQ This Weekend

Funny meme about being vegan with an acronym that actually says he loves to grill animals.
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I Should Start Making Kombucha

Funny meme about what vegans say after sex.
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Threat Level Rising

Funny meme about vegans getting too powerful, gun made out of vegetables.
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Everyone Loses

Funny meme in which two root vegetables look like they are fighting, caption says it is two vegans fighting over who is more vegan.
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Fine Vegan Dining

Funny meme of people eating grass that suggests it is a vegan restaurant.
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