Vegans are people that practice abstaining from the use of animal products. It it not just diet related but also can be done by avoiding animal-derived materials in everyday clothing, supplies and products tested on animals. 

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'Vegan cheese is the grossest thing I've ever tried': Dad refuses to buy groceries for 15-year-old vegan daughter

That tofu can cost
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25+ Vegan Memes for Nutritional Yeast Enthusiasts

Plant based chuckles
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'She was livid': Roommate buys carnivorous plants to get back at annoying vegan roommate

Even vegans will find this funny
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Dude Tries To Bring His Own Burgers To a Vegan Dinner Party

Talk about a bold party guest
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Update: Meat-Loving Groom Secretly Cancels Vegan Meals, Bride Cancels Wedding and Leaves Him

This bride discovered that her fiancé had gone behind her back and canceled the vegan meals that she had ordered. This put the couple in a dicey situation and ultimately would lead to the bride calling the marriage off completely.
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Veganuary Memes That Are Saving the Animals, One Vegan at a Time

Vegetable supremacy
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A compilation of tweets responding to the COO of Beyond Meat biting a guys nose

Beyond Meat Executive Aggressively Bites A Man's Nose, Sparking Hilarious Memes

Imitation meat can really get you down. I enjoy a good veggie or black bean burger every once and a while, but a large part of that is because veggie burgers know what they are. They know they aren't meat, and they aren't pretending to be meat. The same cannot be said for imitation meat company Beyond Meat . They know they are phonies in more ways than one. While leaving the Arkansas Razorbacks stadium, top Beyond Meat Executive Doug Ramsey got into a fight with a Subaru driver. The fight culmi…
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A video about crazy vegans mourning Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Crazy Vegans Mourn Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Vegan protesters are known for having a flair for the dramatic. Throwing red paint on your enemies might not convince people to get on your side, but it will certainly catch your attention. Many vegan activists have been criticized for their one-dimensional and erratic views on other people's diets. How vegans protest seems specially designed to make others angry. They see no gray area for why someone might not be able to have a plant-based diet. Many vegans are foolish enough to think that veg…
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Story about James Cromwell superglue self to Starbucks cafe counter, vegan milk

The Guy From Babe Glued Himself To a Starbucks Counter For PETA

That'll do, James.
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Got It

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Funny random memes, funny tweets, vampire tweets, dracula, relatable memes, depressing memes | LOSE TRAIN THOUGHT MID SENTENCE Is this aa aaaa is this a pigeon meme | Catstrey @CatstreyDave kill French Vampire need drive baguette through its heart. Sounds easy but process is painstaking

52 Scroll-Worthy Memes For The Bored And Restless

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Funny memes about Moby's animal rights tattoo.

Moby's Animal Rights Tattoo Is Getting Meme'd To Oblivion

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Fresh and spicy dank memes, porn memes, spongebob memes, area 51 memes.

Hot & Spicy Dank Memes Fresh Out Of The Oven

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27 Memes 'N Tweets That'll Inject Your Day With Comedy

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Vegan youtuber caught eating meat, rawvana, rawvana eating fish, rawvana eats fish.

Vegan Influencer Caught Eating Meat, Shocks Loyal Followers

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Funny meme about vegans who eat fish, darth maul.
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