Vegans are people that practice abstaining from the use of animal products. It it not just diet related but also can be done by avoiding animal-derived materials in everyday clothing, supplies and products tested on animals. 

Story about James Cromwell superglue self to Starbucks cafe counter, vegan milk

The Guy From Babe Glued Himself To a Starbucks Counter For PETA

That'll do, James.
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Got It

funny meme about how people shouldnt shame you for what you eat, veganism, cannibals, penguins, jim halpert, the office
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Funny random memes, funny tweets, vampire tweets, dracula, relatable memes, depressing memes | LOSE TRAIN THOUGHT MID SENTENCE Is this aa aaaa is this a pigeon meme | Catstrey @CatstreyDave kill French Vampire need drive baguette through its heart. Sounds easy but process is painstaking

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Funny memes about Moby's animal rights tattoo.

Moby's Animal Rights Tattoo Is Getting Meme'd To Oblivion

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Fresh and spicy dank memes, porn memes, spongebob memes, area 51 memes.

Hot & Spicy Dank Memes Fresh Out Of The Oven

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Funny memes, random memes, funny tweets, web comics

27 Memes 'N Tweets That'll Inject Your Day With Comedy

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Vegan youtuber caught eating meat, rawvana, rawvana eating fish, rawvana eats fish.

Vegan Influencer Caught Eating Meat, Shocks Loyal Followers

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Funny meme about vegans who eat fish, darth maul.
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Damn, This Is A Toughie

Funny meme about weeaboos anime lovers and vegans meat is murder.
Funny random memes.

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Funny and random memes, vegan memes, funny, dank memes.

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This Is So Sad

Funny meme about vegan brains.
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Funny dave chappelle meme, dank memes, reddit memes, modern problems require modern solutions.

Dave Chappelle Is The Star Of Reddit's New Favorite Dank Meme

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Funny trolling of PETA post on anti-animal language.

PETA Rallies Against 'Anti-Animal Language,' Gets Royally Trolled On Twitter

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Funny random memes, animal memes, cat memes, kids, funny memes, hilarious memes, opossums.

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Delicious AND Nutritious!

Funny meme about vegan sushi, fruit by the foot, fruit snacks.
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