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Memes To Bring in The Long Weekend

Is it just me, or has it been a long time since there's been a national holiday ? Martin Luther King Jr. Day was four months ago, and that's far too long to go without a long weekend. Long weekends give us the opportunity to unwind a little bit more than we would on a regular weekend. You might not be able to have a full-tilt vacation, but boy howdy, can you have a lovely staycation in those three little days! This weekend I'm going to be both fun and productive. I'm going to get my hair done,…
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Legendary Reddit Posts That Wouldn't Be Found Anywhere Else

Reddit is a singular website
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Fresh and Funny Quips From the Best of Twitter (May 25, 2023)

While I'm more clever in person than I may seem here, there are certain things I struggle with. It's hard for me to finish writing that I've started for myself. Long-form, I mean. I'm scared to commit to endings. That said, I also happen to struggle with really short form as well, namely tweets. As hard as I've tried to go viral for a funny observation about life or a silly anecdote, they kind of fall flat. Perhaps it's due to the high levels of self-deprecation . We may never know. Fortunately…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Stupid Memes For Proud Fools

It's okay to be a little bit silly. It's even more okay to be such a foolish individual that you can barely be serious within our very serious society. I am one of those people, and being foolish and goofy has done nothing but bring joy into my life. In medieval times, kings and queens had jesters, also known as fools, that served as entertainment for the royal family. There were two different types of fools: artificial fools and natural fools. Artificial fools were typical jesters who used the…
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'RIP Graphic Designers': New Meme Pokes Fun at Tacky Logos Produced by Artificial Intelligence

Graphic design is not AI's passion
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Cute and funny cat memes and photos for fun people

Cute and Funny Cat Memes For Proud Cat People (May 24, 2023)

Greetings, cat lovers. There's not much I can say about our furry little feline friends that other people on the Internet haven't said before. That's especially true for our sister sites on Cheezburger. The truth is that cats rule everything around me. Some commenters razz me for my “sad cat lady” ways, but it doesn't get to me. I know that my cat obsession and self-deprecating humor are not particularly unique on the Internet. In fact, judging by the sheer volume of cat memes, articles, and pi…
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Memes For Advanced Individuals

Former gifted kids, this one's for you
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Funny Wikipedia Moments That Have Reliable Sources

Wikipedia is one of the most useful websites on the internet. It might not be suitable for academic articles, but it's perfect when you want thorough and compelling information about a topic you are ignorant about. If you need help grasping new concepts quickly, there's no better place to go than Wikipedia. I'm a little nervous about Wikipedia's future . They keep begging for money, and I have not given them a cent. I'm just as worried about the shutdown of the world's largest internet encyclop…
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Stunning Memes For Gorgeous Divas

If you are a young Gen Z person, your vocabulary is likely rotted due to your exposure to the internet from a young age. Trust me, I would know. The way I speak has so many colloquialisms imbued into it that you'd think I was a character written by a baby boomer for the purpose of making fun of young people. I say words like stun, werk, and fierce like a robot programmed to do so. Friends have told me that because of my speech, they've started accidentally calling people "gorg" in corporate env…
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Dude Tapes Crazy Letter On His Neighbors Door After Getting Ghosted, Twitter Debates Who is The Bad Guy

The discourse around the ethics of ghosting has been floating around the internet for years, and it seems like everybody feels strongly about it. I am convinced that some people believe that ghosting is a war crime. I am pro-ghosting in certain circumstances, and I'm no stranger to ghosting people after a first date, especially when nobody mentions wanting a second date during the initial date. My villain origin story for why I don't hate ghosting is one for the books. I went on a date when I w…
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Fun Memes For Good Times

Happy Sunday, everybody! People talk about the Sunday Scaries all the time. If you're unfamiliar, the Sunday Scaries are the phenomenon of feeling dread and fear every Sunday in anticipation of the coming workweek. You don't even get to enjoy one of the two days you have off because you're so dang nervous about the week ahead. I used to get the Sunday Scaries all the time in high school. Picture it: it's Sunday at 6 PM, you haven't gotten any of your homework done, and frankly, you don't want t…
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Memes That Don't Stop Coming

Can't stop, won't stop
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Lovely Little Memes For Delightful People

Aren't these memes swell?
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A Close Cluster of Memes

Snuggle in!
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Memes With Strong IPs

Peep, Barbie, Kirby, you name it!
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A compilation of random memes and images.

Random Memes to Move Down The Conveyer Belt of Your Brain

Every day you consume things. Unless you are sitting in a dark room with no technology because you're recovering from a concussion or you're a deeply neglected child (and if you're either of those things, I'm terribly sorry), you consume stuff with your eyes and other less important senses every day. You see buses, Comedy Central sitcoms that got canceled after three seasons, and God . Just kidding about that last one, unless you're highly advanced, or you're that person suffering from that con…
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