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Memes! Memes! Get Your Hot Memes!

Extra! Extra! Meme all about it! Fresh hot memes for the whole family! We've got brand new memes here, all for your liking. Do you like Twitter memes? We've got them. You can't live without Lord of the Rings memes? They're here too. Do you want some meta memes about memes? By golly, we've got those as well. Any memes your noggin can dream of, we've got, and we've got enough for every man, woman, boy, and girl. Not only that, but these memes are free of charge ! No need to get out your coin purs…
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People on Twitter share their most unpopular opinions about food

20+ Unpopular Food Opinions That Serve Up the Controversy

Christopher Nolan's Batman films have long been revered as masterpieces, at least in the area of superhero movies. While the pictures have definitely had an impact on culture (for better or for worse), we always find ourselves coming back to the following quote: "Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn." The quote has its literal meaning, but we find it to be extremely appli…
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A Motley Crew of 30+ Memes and Tweets

It's almost always impressed me that the internet has a special place for pretty much everyone. It has the power to bring people together, and not just thanks to our most popular social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. Because of meetup sites and meetup apps, people are making real connections with individuals who have similar interests - people they almost certainly wouldn't be acquainted with otherwise. See, it's no easy feat to fight the crippling loneliness that hangs over many…
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30+ Memes To Scroll Instead of Binging Netflix

There's a better way to mess around
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CEO uses ChatGPT to get delinquent payments from a multi-billion dollar client

CEO Uses ChatGPT AI to Intimidate Multi-Billion Dollar Clients Into Paying Overdue Bills

ChatGPT has been popping up in almost every corner of the Internet - and even at the parties that my friends throw. ChatGPT (which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. The tool can be used to create AI art, to write papers, and even to create the hard-hitting content that Buzzfeed is known for. We're definitely not even scratching the somewhat scary possibilities of the service, but it seems like every week we learn of a new use. This week, G…
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Fresh Tweets For People Who Want Quick Entertainment (February 28, 2023)

Well, well, well. If it isn't our internet-addicted friends back at it again. If you've been avoiding ye olde Bird App thanks to the annoyingness of Mr. Elon Musk , or have simply never even composed a short and sweet tweet because the act is of no interest to you, look: we get it. The Twitter app, whether on desktop or our iPhone screen, can definitely be intimidating. It can even be downright unpleasant if you say the wrong thing in the wrong Twittersphere, or if you somehow end up in the Mus…
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Wordy Memes For The Literate

Get ready to read!
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Funniest Twitter Reactions to Jake Paul Losing to Tommy Fury

Boxing fans rejoice
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Woman Claims She'd Never Ask Anyone To Pick Her Up From The Airport Because She's 'An Adult', Gets Roasted By Twitter

The transactional friendship final boss
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SAG Awards Tweets For Those Who Didn't Watch The SAG Awards, But Still Want The Memes

It's Oscars predictions time!
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Silly Memes To Share Around

"Why so serious?" This is not only a quote from the greatest Batman villain of all time (sorry, Riddler) but an important question we must ask ourselves often. Why do we take everything so seriously, even though we don't need to? Boomers talk a lot of smack about Gen Z being too self-righteous and serious, but this is a problem that every generation deals with. Everybody is too serious! We were not put on this earth to yell at waitresses for having to wait 35 minutes to be seated. Things on Twi…
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The Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (February 23, 2023)

One of the most popular stereotypes about parents is that once someone has kids, something shifts in their brain that makes them feel like the most esoteric person alive. They smugly remark on how different the world looks now that they've got kids, implying that they've got something far more important in their lives than anything a childless person could be doing. Although I understand how annoying this can be for those of us on the receiving end of this smug, I kind of get it. I cannot imagi…
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Memes To Improve Your Street Cred

These are cool, we promise
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Fresh Tweets Summoned From the Bowels of the Bird App (February 22, 2023)

Twitter never sleeps
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20+ Wholesome Moments That Prove Dudes Rock

Everybody gets addicted to saying specific little phrases. 80% of my vocabulary comprises the words “werk” and “gorg.” It's so easy to fall back on cute little slang terms that they can come to define you. My friend Zack is addicted to saying the phrase “dudes rock.” He interjects it whenever he doesn't know how to respond to someone, especially when that someone is a dude. “Dudes rock” is a central tenant of this man's philosophy, and I cannot begrudge that. I don't say “dudes rock” often, but…
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Funny memes about food

A Hearty Helping of Delicious and Deranged Food Memes

Food. Sure, we have to eat it to survive. But the acts of eating, cooking, and even simply buying food go far beyond function. Food brings people together, it's something universal that we share with one another. And while we all have our own food preferences and allergies, many of us use food to express love and affection for each other. When there's something to celebrate, we usually go out for a fancy meal or enjoy a home-cooked feast with loved ones. Food is an experience, it's culture, and…
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