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Old School Memes From a Bygone Era

We are not on the same internet that we were on in 2012. In just ten short years, the world of memes has exploded to become so much bigger than we ever thought it could be. New memes and trends are created daily, and unless you're a certified meme professional, it's challenging to keep up. Who else remembers when only a couple of memes absolutely dominated the meme landscape ? Back when I was a tween, rage comics were everywhere. There was a rage comic for every emotional expression under the s…
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A compilation of tweets reacting to Minecraft YouTuber Dream's face reveal

Funniest Tweets Reacting To Minecraft YouTuber Dream's Face Reveal

Some say that the closest thing to a real-life superhero/supervillain is Twitter user dril. He's anonymous, has a platform he usues for good, and has an iconic look. Nobody knows who he is, but we all secretly want to know who is really behind that blurry picture, sunglasses, and hilarious tweets. The same could be said for Minecraft YouTuber “Dream” who, until yesterday, had never shown his face to his 30 million subscribers. For years, Dream has been building his gaming empire behind smiley f…
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Lumps Are Never Good

pudding Rage Comics troll face - 4917810688

Han Solo Totally Looks Like Troll Face

actor celeb funny meme TLL troll face - 5597739520
Created by kamikazicamel

Stolen Wishes

fu troll face happy birthday derp - 8463989504
Created by death_by_rage


Y U NO time troll face clock table flipping - 8408333312
Created by Awesomedereklopez

Stupid Hand!

rage shower troll face temperature hand - 8399585024

You Fail... Miserably...

megan fox troll face - 7802519808

Different Perspectives on Mathematics

mathematics kids troll face funny - 7684355840
Created by deleon1987

Teen Pregnancy Just Dropped 43 Percent

poorly dressed me gusta costume troll face funny - 7518849536

We Fixed the Cover for You TIME

millennials parody Memes troll face funny - 7446684672

Would You Like Me to Go Right Here?

peetimes troll face truancy story - 7410639872

Oz the Great and Smokin'

Witches troll face futurama fry - 7145103616

Troll Tailgating

troll face - 7119554048
Created by freshbru

Photobomb Troll

tattoo troll face couple - 7014122752
Created by Unknown

Who Goes Fishing in Water Anymore?

facebook troll face ugly pretty - 6905161216
Created by Cmasta
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