Don't forget to take out the trash. Since you wrecked the place and trashed everything, it's time to stock up and pun yourself back into rhythm. These hilarious trash puns will have you recycling in no time, so make sure not to miss a single one.

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Visceral Video of Gross College House Inspires Reactions and Debate on Twitter

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A compilation of raccoon themed memes

Raccoon Memes For Animal Lovers

Halloween season is almost here, so it's time to celebrate all of the vermin in the animal kingdom. Sure, black cats, bats, and spiders typically get the publicity for this upcoming month, but many different animals deserve a chance to shine as Halloween Monster Animal of the Year TM . For instance, raccoons . If Universal Studios had not featured black cats as horror icons and instead made raccoons a monster animal in their B movie horror flicks of the 1930s, I guarantee raccoons would be the…
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College Student Reveals Revolting Trash Pile Up In University Apartment

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trashy pictures, classless people, mugshots, tinder, snapchat, dating, cheating | Life is so weird dude ran into my side piece while on date with someone else and now im on way his apt. tinder profile Adrianna 19 ig Venmo only here compliments or unless hot

Classless Pics That Exude Pure Trashiness

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43 Sweet, Sassy & Trashy Possum Memes

Nothing but love.
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But You Playin

Funny meme that reads, "This could be us" above a a photo of two trash cans chained together
Via Wichelmich
Funny memes about raccoons | News Nation Warld rabies scare West Virginia turned out be just raccoons drunk on crab apples. Here's Bob Ross holding baby raccoon brighten day.

Raccoon Memes In Honor Of The Cutest Little Trash Bandits

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Get It Right You GD Idiot!

Funny meme with Vladimir Putin trying to explain to his alien that he needs to take the trash to the curb every other Tuesday
Via Sevault

But You Playing

Caption that reads, "This could be us" above a photo of two trash bins chained together
Via BlackLightning427
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Twitter Thread About All The Weird Sh*t Left Behind At Talladega Is Peak Redneck Culture

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You Can't Leave Us On A Cliffhanger Like That!

Tweet that reads, "I love when people post ALL of their business on social media and then have the audacity to tell someone to mind their own business. HONEY we are on season 3, episode 2 of this mess. We're invested!"
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So Inspirational

Caption that reads, "Some garbage is okay" above a still of a guy in a dinosaur suit with text that reads, "Some garbage is okay"
Via SaladBalladFun

Wow, Rude

Caption that reads, "Hard to believe I'm being discriminated against, even in today's society SMH" above a pic of a sign that reads, "No garbage in restroom please"
Via Kryptic907

Just A Friendly Lil Reminder!

Pic of Oscar the Grouch with text that reads, "Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things. It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot"
Via battenburgers


Caption that reads, "They said humans couldn't fly but look at me go" above a pic of a trash can appearing to fly over a bunch of students in a cafeteria
Via Coolburritoboi
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25 Silly Pics That'll Help Keep You Sane

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