Don't forget to take out the trash. Since you wrecked the place and trashed everything, it's time to stock up and pun yourself back into rhythm. These hilarious trash puns will have you recycling in no time, so make sure not to miss a single one.

The Mystery of What Lies at the End of a Rainbow Has Finally Been Solved

trash rainbow - 8242428672

The World's Best Cosplay

anime memes your waifu is trash
Via Pretear

Have Fun in The Hell-Void

trash gifs sad but true demotivational - 8524372480

Only in America...

bag bags color double meaning literalism trash - 4659723776
Created by mugglemomof3

My Best Friend Gave Me That Gum Wrapper!

cleaning mom trash venn diagram - 4964524032
Created by GraceJediHeart
trash vine trick shot Japan Video g rated win - 69262337

Throwing Out the Trash With Style in Japan

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Maru is Trashed

trash gifs maru Cats - 8444460544

Every Time

trash sink genius - 8413532416

Guess We Should Be Able to Pick Up Our Trash Too

trash gifs critters elephants - 8404374784

Please Share This Post to Fight Ebola, And Like It to Stop Crime

trash sad but true social media web comics - 8389923584
Created by BwieDieter ( Via Pandland )

Prank on The Cat

trash FAIL gifs pranks Cats - 8345339904
Via GIFs Boom

You Were Sick for So Long

trash posters funny justin bieber - 8271407616

Probably at Least 3

wtf trash pee idiots funny - 8241275648

Never Take Their Trash

funny pamphlet trash - 8234068736

What Is Going on Here?

poop trash funny - 8218603008

Fight or Flight, Indeed

trash gifs Cats - 8189899008
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