Cars Only, Drive-Thru Said

cars drive thru food Memes transformers - 6292200704
By Unknown

Make This in Adult Sizes

gifs kids Memes transformers - 6269201408
By AllTehMemesBeMine

Autobots, Recycle!

autobots Memes recycle transformers - 6260729088
By Unknown

Optimus Prime at Universal Studios

gifs optimus prime robots transformers win - 6176358144
By Unknown


acting flow chart no transformers - 6027927808
By STANtheMAN2point0

Check Out That Grill

best of week car transformers wtf - 5779536128
Via magic-eye (source may contain obscene material)

Darth Vader Totally Looks Like Upside Down Autobots Symbol

darth vader funny TLL transformers - 5760880384
By crazymonkey057

My Controller Is a Transformer, Your Argument Is Invalid

best of week transformers video games wtf - 5742765568
By Asciicodeplus

USS Detroit on Its Way to the Persian Gulf

aircraft carrier cars transformers wtf - 5706171136
By ShotgunShopping

Optimus Nerd

nerd transformers wtf - 5705620736
By butterflyperception


guitar transformers wtf - 5585918720
By St4rK1ll3r

Cannot Unsee: Jamie, Roll Out!

best of week cannot unsee mythbusters transformers walrus - 5533084928
By Unknown

Transforming Bike

bikes gifs mindwarp transformers want win - 5534438912
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Robotic Ramen

gifs robots science transformers win - 5493366528
Via Vstone

I Nearly Destroyed the Earth!

power rangers Reframe Scumbag Steve transformers - 5481110016
By Rawrmahbacon

Transformers: More Than Meaty Thighs!

double meaning family guy Hall of Fame literalism megatron transformers - 5448516864
By tenac007