Gearhead - The Sega Game Gear Transformer

transformers legos - 7719949568
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Raw Footage of Optimus Prime Escaping Explosions

transformers Michael Bay explosions funny - 7622820608
By Unknown

Optimus Shine

transformers puns optimus prime funny - 7558413824
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Getting XBone'd

transformers robots xbox 360 xbox one - 7538825216
By MarblesSwiftfoot

Transformer IRL

transformers costume gifs awesome funny win - 7527513600
By ToolBee

Unless Michael Bay Directs This One Too

transformers Michael Bay my little pony - 7512529408
By Bhbhbhhh

Battlefield 3: Transformers Edition

transformers gifs Battlefield 3 - 7443761664
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Give Jazz a Hand

transformers - 7424749824
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Better Than Optimus

transformers bow optimus prime funny - 7409236224
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Bumblebee Has a Posse

transformers Bumblebee posse - 2987351040
By RunsWithWeasels

I Don't Recall This Part

transformers Lord of the Rings - 7371257600
By Unknown

It Makes Me Feel A-Bismol

transformers Omegle - 7349908224
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Leprechauns in Disguise!

transformers wtf leprechauns rainbow - 7150172416
By Unknown

I'm Beginning to Think You're Not in Disguise

transformers semi trucks - 7150626048
By Unknown

In This Economy

transformers insurance in this economy comics - 7150258176
By metroplexico

This Isn't Even His Final Form

transformers god religion - 7138176256
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