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Oh Wait, I Needed That!

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Too Weird to Be Fake

Bronies my little pony the onion - 8565981696
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thermostat the onion parody temperature Video - 73282561

That Feel When the Onion Predicted the Whole Sexist Thermostat Debacle Back in 2012

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Anderson Cooper Falls for the Oldest Trick in the Book of the Internet

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The Onion Hits Too Close to Home


Negative, This Poster is a Meat Popsicle

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uber the onion trolltube Video - 68626945

Uber is Rolling Out Its New High-End Carjacking Service

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Angry Gamers on Twitter Did Not Recognize Satire When They Saw it

twitter the onion facepalm failbook - 8356295680
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the onion PlayStation 4 Video nintendo - 61720321

Microsoft and Nintendo Better Step Up Their Game

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jobs Video the onion job applications millennials - 59585025

95% of Grandfathers Got the Job by Walking Right Up and Just Asking

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teens comments the onion failbook - 59463425

This is the Brand New Hotspot for Teens on the Internet

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the onion videos gamers - 59048961

The Onion Understands Today's Young Gamers

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the onion movies oscars - 58890753

The Onion Has Film Standards That Are a Bit Different Than the Rest of Ours

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the onion netflix - 58655233

Netflix Introduces a Brand New 'Browse Endlessly' Plan

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Music the onion MTV VMAs miley cyrus Video - 54039297

Almost Accurate Prediction of the Day: Did This Video By The Onion Predict Miley Cyrus 2013?

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Believing The Onion FAIL

kim jong-un news the onion North Korea Hall of Fame best of week - 6815656192