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17 Fake-Sounding News Headlines That Are Totally 100% Real

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Every Time

Funny meme from the onion about making the mistake of not using the moving walkway at the airport.
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Has Science Gone Too Far?

funny onion headline about how a mouse solved the maze researches spent months building.
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Don't Be That Guy

Funny Onion headline/meme about a man looking on helplessly as his friend tells a story he's already heard.
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Funny news headline about a man who is dying surrounded by loved ones and feels awkward being the only one dying.
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As in "You Have a Wad of Raccoons Around Your House Because You Don't Put a Lid on Your Trash"

the onion Fake Science animals - 8981741568
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NOINO ON = NO ONION upsidedown

Picture of a burger that says NOINO ON a sticker but upside down that reads NO ONION.
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reviews the onion parody Video - 82447361

The Onion Review of 'Sully' Points out the Tragic Erasure of Geese From the Main Story Line

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reviews the onion Ghostbusters Video - 81415937

The Onion Reviews the New Ghostbusters

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reviews the onion independence day Video - 80946945

The Onion Reminds Us That Love Is Love, Even When Your Fiancé Is a Stripper in This Review of 'Independence Day'

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reviews the onion finding nemo Video - 80807425

The Onion Review of Finding Dory Gets Real and Explains Why Marlin Is Such a Grump

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Sneaky Hillary Is at It Again

the onion failbook Hillary Clinton facebook politics - 8798424832
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Just Speak Up More!

funny memes the onion critique
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On the Merits of Ronda Rousey

ronda rousey strong side vs weak side
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Oh Wait, I Needed That!

funny memes onion headline box with cooking instructions