funny fails and minor moments of stupidity | This will always be funny Jesse Chavez ordered one large pizza and came idk if joke but literally nothing on just crust no sauce cheese toppings nothing. 41 minutes ago Like· Reply Pizza Hut O Jesse would like hear more about this order. Please contact us at with details. ASB 21 minutes ago Like Jesse Chavez My bad fam high ass fuck and opened pizza upside down Edited Like | So our local children's hospital re- cently redecora

Minor Fails & 'Whoops' Moments of Bad Judgment

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Funny tweets, memes and posts about how bad men are at writing about women and writing female characters

Roasty Memes & Posts About How Men Fail To Write Women

Try harder.
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Funny liars on the internet

30 Stupid People Who Had Extremely Fake 'Accidents'

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Stupid, funny, dumb, and weird things people did while high, stoned, smoking marijuana, bong rip, weed, 4/20

Weird & Dumb Things People Did While High

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FAils, Cryptocurrency, crypto fails, funny, schadenfreude, nfts, mockery, roasts, stupid people

15+ Fails & Follies From Overconfident Crypto Bros

If you've got a taste for schadenfreude and a little bit of contempt (or confusion) towards the crypto/NFT sector, we've got a treat for you. As the internet buzzes about the potential of non-fungible tokens and crypto bull runs, many coin proselytizers manage to make fools of themselves on Twitter and Reddit. Sometimes they're sharing a massive loss that occurred due to overconfidence or sheer stupidity . Other times these “bros” just say shit that makes them sound incredibly dumb. We can't sa…
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Funny wooosh moments of people missing the joke, lol, stupid people, fail, cringe, facepalm | Van Clutch Van Stop Van reverse? 2 d Like Reply Travis Jimmy van brake 1d Like Reply Dave Jimmy Van Gogh or Van Go | Want know just big Texas really is This is fake 16h 2 likes Reply

20 Literal-Minded Fools Who Didn't Get The Joke

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funny, stupid people, stupid, social media, dumb, twitter, facebook, why, wtf

15+ Mystifying Moments Of Excruciating Dumbness

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funny random memes, dank memes, lol

Simply A Heap of Memes for Frivolous Consumption

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Funny design fails, weird images, more questions than answers, cursed images | MEN BECAUSE MEN WOMEN ARE ALWAYS LEFT RIGHT | toilet paper roll hidden inside a cabinet by a toilet

Weird Fail-Filled Images That Left Us With Questions

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Funny moments of people being stupid, facepalm, funny |  wish could choose our baby fathers 11:56 AM 6/16/19 Twitter iPhone 306 Retweets 514 Likes 10h v Someone come tell her before do cause Imma hurt her feelings. | Palients Patients is virtue. Thank so much this tattoo looks amazing!

27 Amusing Instances Of Dumb People Being Dumb

Face, meet palm.
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insane, horrible, terrible, facebook, youtube, twitter, why, stupid, stupid people, awful

Infuriating Times People Were Bewilderingly Stupid On The Internet

Self awareness = nowhere to be seen.
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Bad gamer takes, offensive gamer takes, lol

Crappy Takes From Poisoned Gamers

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Funny and bad life hacks, lol, humor

Stupid Life Hacks for People Who Want to Watch the World Burn

Burn it down.
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Funny fails and moments of internet stupidity, california, funny tweetsk social media

20+ Impressive Instances of People Going Full Stupid

Go crazy. Go stupid.
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death, dying, dumb, stupid, weird, mundane, life, living, reddit, askreddit

People Recount The Dumbest Ways That They Nearly Died

Being alive is a risky business. It’s bad enough that it has a 100% fatality rate, but on top of that the ways in which it can be fatal are far more easy to come across than we think No matter how mundane our daily routines may seem to us, we never know if there’s going to be an unhappy surprise lurking for us round the corner. The heavy question of our own mortality has been on the minds of Redditors recently, as an AskReddit prompted people to consider the stupidest ways they’ve ever had a br…
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starter pack, would you date him, memes, funny memes, dank memes, relationship memes, male archetypes, funny, stupid, twitter memes, funny tweets, fashion, brand, marketing, nathan for you, ted kaczynski

The Best Ironic Remixes of Cringey 'Would You Date Him?' Memes

What started out as a pathetic attempt to sell a cool a e s t h e t i c through memetic marketing has recently become a spicy new starter pack -like meme thanks to @MEASURED_HEAD , who dragged the brand's cringey posts in a tweet. found a thread of "X bf" templates and I'm viscerally disgusted by each and every one of them — 𝚁𝙰𝚈theon Technologies (@MEASURED_HEAD) September 12, 2021 The exploitability of @boogzel_apparel's memes did not go unnoticed. Soon after @MEA…
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