Cringey and bad medical takes from twitter

17 Bad & Cringeworthy Medical Takes

Oh lord.
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Stupid and funny tweets about gross baked ziti, cursed food, food fails, pointless tweets, white people food, seasoning

Twitter's Fighting Over Another Food Video Because Everyone's Bored

Here we go again.
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Must Be Nice To Be Immortal

Funny meme about Queen Elizabeth living forever, Michael Jordan, And I took that personally
Via u/AleGaming123
Funny random memes, dank memes, lol, monday memes

44 Funny Memes For Quick Amusement

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Funny dank memes, the dank drop, best dank memes of the week, lol

The Dank Drop: 20 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (2-27 To 3-5)

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instances of people not understanding getting jokes | This poor dog born blind, but thanks new medical technology he's finally able see his owner first time ImAPvssy Thats just ham | difference between chick peas and garbanzo beans never paid garbanzo bean on Edit Garbanzo is spanish word chick peas.

23 Times People Completely Missed the Joke

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Funny TikTok fail compilation, wtf, embarassing, cringe, lol, embarrassing, bloopers, funny

Video: 20 Minutes Of Schadenfreude-Filled TikTok Fails

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Funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, funny tweets, relatable tweets | song car about hit sick beat drop map directions scrottablememes Spongebob fish entering the Krusty Krab | Captain @sgrstk Women like men who make plans, commit those plans, and still have few surprises left them. This is why girlfriend is obsessed with serial killers.

43 Memes & Tweets For Anyone In Need Of Quick Humor

Memes, at your service.
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star wars memes, funny, dank memes | Han solo frozen inside the mysterious Utah monolith | NETFLIX Browse Kids DVD Search Because Watched Love STAR WARS EMPIRE STRIKES BACK STAR WARS LAST JEDI EPISODE V EPISODE VII Oh don't think so

34 Memes For Every Type Of Star Wars Fan

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funny random memes and tweets | saint cignatius @saintcignatius my dad: rap is horrible.can't understand word they say bruce springsteen: hhurrruuuudhhsggggggaf ghehhwh ghhsggguuhhhhhhh | My life falling apart 33 NOWNTOWN blasting loud music ignore my problems Ryan Reynolds walking away from explosion

A Hefty Batch Of Memes Of Varying Quality

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funny random memes and tweets, dank memes | December 2020 is going look like MERRY CRISIS AND A HAPPY NEW FEAR | Girls wonder why usually live longer than boys boys: GAARYTE RTZEN Top 10 Organs Sell Buy Gaming PC

43 Tasty Treats For Meme-Lovers

Oh yeah, it's all coming together.
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stupid memes, dad jokes, dumb jokes, dad humor, corny, dads, funny memes, memes, stupid, puns, punny, cars | THEY CALL THEM HEATED SEATS BECAUSE REAR DEFROSTER ALREADY TAKEN | Hi forgotten room No problem Sir. This is called Lobby

27 Memes For Dads Who Love Corny Jokes

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Funny dank memes, random memes, stupid memes, funny | ima stay off social media my mental health today Also me Matthew McConaughey smoking nervously while checking phone | The single most important thing a man can do to be an ally is give his woman friends permission to give dudes at the bar his number so when they call he can angrily say that's not funny because she died 15 years ago that very night

50 Time-Wasting Memes Both Old And New

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kids, youtube, funny comments, memes, funny kids, funny screenshots, childhood | TheOdd1sOut O @theodd1sout Everyone waiting Nevada numbers: Nevada: K 2s Replying theoda Tsout do mean or this joke dont get because am child | make yourself colorblind 163 views 9. 4 Share Download Save

25 Little Kids Badly Navigating The Internet

Mom, come collect your child
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No Hesitation

Funny tumblr meme about someone offering $200 for being ugly | if someone gave you $200 because "you're ugly" would you take the money?. void-sapphic absolutely. Im ugly not stupid
Via u/Butterfly_Books
twitter, funny tweets, memes, puns, dumb jokes, stupid, funny, bread | John J Marley @johnjmarley Muffin Compares to You #ASongOrMovieForBread sinead o'connor | Spyder Webb @Spyder_Webb Doughemian Bapsody #ASongOrMovieForBread Is this the real loaf? Is this fantastic yeast? Cooked and then thick sliced For adverts on ITV? Dough you will rise Right up to the skies Now kneed! I'm a prize baker, I need no recipe Easy buns, easy dough

Twitter Trend #ASongOrMovieForBread Is The Pun Factory Of Our Dreams

We loaf these tweets
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